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Breeze of Sping – jewelry collection from Ilios art

This year spring has come very slowly, but finally it is here! 🙂 I designed this very delicate collection to honor the new, refreshing colors of spring. It is time to change our outfit, to open up, to express ourselves just like nature does. I welcome this season with this collection. The pieces are small, gentle with a transparent glass cover on each jewelry that gives an extra glamor to them. Each set contains a ring (1.8*1.8 cm) and an earring (1*1 cm) with the same color. Let’s wear your favourite color of spring!

If you like any of the following jewelries send an e-mail: 


Turqoise LOVE

türkíz szerelem

türkíz szerelem füli

Mulberry shake


szedershake füli



sunflower füli

Blue dress

blue dress

blue dress füli

Strawberry yogurt

Strawberry yogurt

Strawberry yogurt füli

Spring sky


tavasz égbolt füli

Lemonade with Rosemary


limonádé füli

Poppy field


pipacs füli

Emerald lake

emerald lake

emerald lake füli

White Tulip

fehér tulipán

fehér tulipán füli

Morning Glory

kék hajnalka

kék hajnalka füli

Crazy Lime

lime love

lime love füli

More photos about the collection: here

On this photo the lady is wearing the ‘Mulberry shake’ earring:



I am wishing you a lovely, colorful spring and renascence to You all!





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