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Mosaic Lindos – sweet Greek life…


~ traditional Greek sweets and spirits at the feet of Lindos Acropolis ~


Address:  85107 Líndos – Rhodes, Greece (just 20m far from the pharmacy shop in Lindos)  

Choice:  traditional Greek pastry sweets, fresh Greek donouts – loukoumades (sweet and savoury), frozen yogurt, variety of coffees, traditional Greek spirits

Highlight:  it is really hard to pick only one highlight, but definitely the yogurt with nuts and honey in unfogrettable here and also I am visiting Mosaic again and again for its frozen yogurt 

Lindos Rhodes Greece

The Acropolis of Lindos / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

The wonderful ancient city of Lindos with its Acropolis guarantees a very special experience itself. Today the village of Lindos on Rhodes island is still located around the remains of the Acropolis with its very narrow, tiny streets tailored for donkey traffic (who are still around to transport the lazy tourists up to the Acropolis). One can spend hours by walking between the traditional whitewashed buildings. Several restaurants, cafés, and bars offer romantic view of the ancient remains from thier rooftop terraces.

View from Lindos Acropolis / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Mosaic Lindos is one of these tiny romantic treasure boxes, where we can taste the most famous sweets and spirits of Greece and we can enjoy the countless variety of the Greek frozen yogurt. The self service of the frozen yogurt gives us the chance to dream our own tasty creations with the various toppings such as fruits, spoonsweets, different chocolates, etc.

Mosaic Lindos

Mosaic Lindos – menu detail / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

One of the specialities is the home-made loukoumades, the Greek donut which has a long history as it is the oldest dessert in the world.

“In ancient Greece, these deep fried dough balls were served to the winners of the Greek Olympics. The Greek poet Callimachus was the first to state that these deep fried dough balls were soaked in honey and then served to the winners as “honey tokens.” Over the years, this same recipe spread out all over the ancient world. Local variations were prepared in Greece, Turkey, Egypt and other ancient states too. In Greece, the dish is prepared from fermented dough that is spiced with cinnamon.”from Mosaic Lindos website

Here in Mosaic we can enjoy loukoumades with a variety of sweet toppings (honey, cinnamon, walnut, chocolate, banana, cookies, caramelized almond, lemon cream, apple paste, frozen yogurt, etc.) and also in savoury tastes (tomatoe + feta cheese + olives + oregano, traditional Rhodian cheese + honey, katiki cheese + sun-dried tomato, etc.). The one I’ve tried last time is the tomatoe + feta + olives + oregano version below:

Mosaic Lindos loukoumas savoury

Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Many more desserts, coffee specialities, cocktails, spirits are available in Mosaic which really worth the taste when you are on Greek land (only to mention a few: baklava, galaktoboureko, ravani, mosaic, mastixa, ouzo, raki, …)

If we are visiting mosaic during the hottest midday hours we can sit down in the airconditioned room on the first floor and enjoy the lovely service. But be careful with this time of the day as Lindos is the hottest spot of the island. During evening hours enjoy the exceptional view of the Acropolis from the small, but so romantic rooftop terrace and watch the world go by on the teeming streets of magical Lindos…


~ Mosaic Lindos ~

Opening hours:  during summer season – everyday between 09:00 – 02:00


Facebook:  @mosaiclindos

Google map:



Check out my flickr album for more photos of Lindos – Rhodes HERE



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