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Green Eco House – hidden paradise for nature lovers on a Greek island



Accomodation type: three-storeyed countryside house on a farm outside of the lovely mountainous Rhodian village, Salakos

Perfect for: families or friends, people who are nature lovers, or looking for a peaceful, quiet place in the middle of nature far away from the busy tourist areas

Good to know: 100% self-sustaining eco house with solar electricity, composting, farming (with fully equipped bathroom and kitchen)

Highlights: the most beautiful starry night skies ~ amazing fresh air provided by the surrounding forest and mountains ~ there is only nature everywhere you look around


It is never that easy to find these kind of hidden places, like the Green House. And these little treasures are usually coming to me unexpectedly like a surprise especially on Rhodes island. So actually the Green House found me on a lovely night in Rhodes town in one of my favourite taverns (O Griniaris), where Petros Stamatiou – the owner of the Green Housewas playing music. As a musician and sound engineer Petros works in Rhodes town few nights a week, but on the other days he is back in his base, a hidden paradise – the Green Eco House. A house far away from the noisy town and bustle which was built by his Greek father (Anastasios) and Swedish mother (Anna Maria) to achieve autonomy and to live in harmony with nature.

Green House Salakos

Thanks for Greek ‘filoxenia’ I was invited by Petros to visit the Green House near the tiny village, Salakos. So I went on a lovely September day for a short visit, but I was totally impressed by the experience.

First of all Salakos and the surrounding area has an amazing healing atmosphere thanks for the fertile mountain Profitis Ilias (the second highest on the island), its rich vegetation, fragrant pine trees and natural spring water (that’s why Salakos is the main source of the water supply for Rhodes town). The village is famous for its climate, which is considered one of the healthiest in Greece.

Salakos village Rhodes island

Salakos village square / photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Salakos Rhodes island

Salakos village under Profitis Ilias mountain / photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Out of the village, driving through some rustic lands along olive groves and vineyards you arrive to this paradise place where you can only listen to the sounds of nature. Nature gives the simplicity and also the wild beauty of this property. The house and the interior are all handmade, everything is touched by human hands with care and love, so each object has its own story in the house. Little charming details, human imperfections make you feel like home and keep your attention alive everywhere you go in the house.

The big countryside house has spacious terraces (one on the first, and another one on the second floor) with curling vine that gives you perfect shade during summer for an outside meal or some nap. From both terraces you have spectacular view to the mountains and to the great garden filled with olive, and fruit trees, vegetable bed, vineyard and the lovely herb garden. Everything here is free to take for the guests and helps Petros to be more independent and healthy with his own products. When I came for a visit Petros and his friend were making a special grape syrup, and as he told me he is constantly experimenting with self-made foodstuff. The guys invited me to help them with pressing the grapes which was unforgettable experience. So close contact with nature… 🙂 I became so relaxed, and I was enjoying so much this beautiful gifted place so I hardly could leave and decided to come back one day for a longer stay…

so I returned with my boyfriend to spend 3 weeks here during last winter. I could write a novel about this time, but I just try to highlight the very best experiences for you.

Winter time on Rhodes island has a special charm with different colors, different climate than summer. In the Green House we could experience all what nature gives us there.

Only to mention a few:

We brought our drinking (spring) water from the fountain nearby which is considered one of the richest, healthiest water on the island.

fountain Salakos Rhodes

Fountain on the road to Dimilia / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

We were cooking with Petros’ freshly harvested olive oil from the garden. We were drinking Petros’ sweet red wine that he made. We were eating fresh eggs for breakfast that the hens gave us from the garden.

Petros Stamatiou

Petros is collecting eggs / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

We made freshly squeezed orange juice from the wild orange trees around the area.

orange trees Rhodes island

Orange trees on Rhodes island in December / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

We had our fresh traditional Greek village bread from the other mountainous village Apollona from the local ladies (Apolloniatisses) who still keep their grandma’s traditions alive. (about 15 minutes drive from the Green House)


Ladies of Apollona are making traditional village bread everyday / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

village bread Apollona

Greek village bread from Apolloniatisses / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

And we enjoyed all the greens growing on the island during winter to make fresh cleansing salad for ourselves.

What else can you do in the Green House in winter?

  • Drinking coffee and enjoying winter sunshine on the balcony under the unbeliveable view of Profitis Ilias accompanied by the cats, the 2 small goats and the chickens of the Green House who live wild and free around the house.

Winter sunbathing in the Green House / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

  • Reading any of the very precious and interesting books from Petros’ book corner next to the fire with a cup of hot tea and candle lights. When you try to save electricity you start thinking about things you forget in the comfort of the city and also revalue your real needs, so it drives you into some romantic situations. Like having “manual” shower with a pot of water heated on the fireplace. You start learning patience and you start to slow down the rhythm of your life into a healthy, natural tempo.
Salakos somba

Boiling water for winter herb tea in the Green House / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

  • Having a refreshing walk around the area to clean your body and soul among the olive grows or inside the forest of the Butterfly river.
Butterfly river

Area of the Green House / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Area of the Green House Salakos

Area of the Green House / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

Area of the Green House Salakos

Area of the Green House / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

  • If your body needs more exercise you can reach the top of Profitis Ilias mountain directly from the Green House through a hiking route. Amazing view! (takes about 3 hours up and down)
Salakos village Rhodes island

View from Profitis Ilias mountain to Salakos village / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

  • Visit Petros at the nearby tavern – Mesostrati – in Soroni village when he is playing music with a solo guitar next to the fireplace. Enjoy excellent local food and beautiful Greek company.

  • Or just have any conversation with Petros, who is a really welcoming, open-minded, intelligent person and a very good company. He is always ready to involve you in any knowledge about the green way of life and you can join him in any task he is doing in the garden.

Petros is living on the basement level of the Green House completely separated from the two other floors above. So he is always there to help you, but you can enjoy your own privacy when you are staying there. We enjoyed every moment and I really wish to go back one day as I already feel this place like a home…

Green House, Salakos / Photo: Mariann Lipcsei

There are a lot more things to do around the Green House and later on I will write about all of them too.

The healing environment of the Green House that Petros and his parents founded gives you the perfect possibility to change gears and return to your natural rhythm. Because we are part of the nature, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves…

Recommending this house with lots of love to reconnect nature and to reconnect your own rhythm ❤


Find Petros and the Green House here:









//EN// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek Dodecanese archipelago where I have been researching the characteristics of the local landscape and culture since 2015. This journey and work on the Aegean sea gives me the fuel to share what I've found: through written materials (on this blog and at other venues), and to create artworks of pressed flowers and herbs which is a great botano-mythical journey, a worship in the great temple of Mother nature that widens my whole world each day a bit more. My interests: human integrity, interactions between a culture and an individual, recognizing and understanding nature's orderly movements and the cosmic patterns in the human (body and psyche) and their interconnectedness with the non-human world, mythology & archetypes, the Great Mother archetype, women's health, and healing through rebonding with nature (especially with the plant world). //HU// Főként a szavak és a képek nyelvén közlő, önálló utat kijárni próbáló, gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Jelenleg Rodosz szigetén élek, ahol 2015 óta próbálom megfejteni a Mediterránum ezen szegletének (engem mágnesként fogva tartó) géniuszát a helyi természetben, szociokulturális vonásokban, egyéni történetekben - valamint próbálom megfejteni saját folytonosan formálódó viszonyulásomat e költészettől parázsló tájhoz, annak ambivalens jelenkori kultúrájához. Ez a kimeríthetetlen felfedező munka lett írásaim (és egyben önismeretem) epicentruma. A Rodoszi Herbárium pedig a görög szigetek természeti gazdagságának és éteri szépségének egyszerre megidézési- és megismerési kísérlete. A helyi növények gyűjtésével, préselésével és képekké alakításával nem csak a teremtés szépségében gyönyörködöm, hanem segít kapcsolódnom a fény útjához, a vegetáció diverzitásához és ritmusához, mitikus történetek, archaikus elfeledett bölcsességekhez, tudattalanomban szunnyadó képekhez, kozmikus analógiákhoz, és mindezen keresztül saját lényegemhez.

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