Month: September 2017

Experiencing powers – inside and outside

Well… I am here in the amazing Dodekanisos, Greece for more than a month. I came here exactly on the day of a New Moon, and I really feel that I started a new cycle in my life – just like our beautiful Moon. It happened accidently, but finally I realized how much my life is connected to nature here. To different aspects of nature. First of all I experienced growth. The beautiful island of Rhodes helped me to open myself and all my senses again to experience the beauty, the love, and a lot more kind of energies around me. It happens all the time when I come here, but this time it was stronger than ever… Rhodes helped me to rediscover some inner power deep inside of me. It is beautiful to reconnect your spirit, to meet new qualities inside yourself, to discover yourself after a long term of being kind of lost and powerless… It is amazing to discover new spaces inside of yourself and also to realize that the world outside feels …

Egy este a Cafe-bar 1900-ban

Tegnap éjjel valami nagyon különleges dolog történt Archangelos faluban az ‘1900 cafe’-ban, Rodosz szigetén. Sok zenés esten részt vettem már Rodoszon, de azt hiszem eddig messze ez volt a legemlékezetesebb mind közül. Kivételes, csodálatos művészek zenéltek együtt – életükben először ebben a felállásban. Olyan zene szülte meg magát a művészek szívén, lelkén keresztül, ami mindannyiunkat időn és téren túl messzire, varázslatos helyekre vitt el. Megnyílt egy csatorna tegnap este, és őszinte hálát érzek ezért a mély, gyógyító, spirituális élményért. Művészek: Anna Nikitiade Despoina Spanou Manolis Christodoulou Panormitis Boubas Taxiarchis Georgoulis    

A night with music in Cafe-bar 1900

Last night was very special for me and I guess for everybody who was in Cafe 1900  in Archangelos village on Rhodes island. With these amazing, exceptional musicians we experienced a beautiful journey into a faraway space… I have no more words for that night – music created itself and something unrepeatable was born in front of us through the art of these musicians – it was an open channel. I feel so honoured that I could be part of this deep spiritual experience. Musicians: Anna Nikitiade Despoina Spanou Manolis Christodoulou Panormitis Boubas Taxiarchis Georgoulis