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Grow like a tree

The symbol of the tree in many cultures is the same: growth, reaching up high towards the light, being fertile by giving fruits. In Nature everything grows towards the light. What about humans?

For some days I have been thinking about this ‘tree element’ in our life. I feel this kind of growth in my life when I feel safe emotionally (feeling safe to express myself as I am) and also when I am inspired by something, when I am on the way of creating something, when I am open and able to discover and share the beauty and the power of Nature and Human Spirit and to draw attention to this creative life force which can lift us really high. This is my work and my life about. I was always searching for this, but I just realized it recently. And also realized that this is one reason why I always was an outsider of my environment. Whenever I had a vision, or idea most of the time I was told by my environment that this is not possible, or they were talking about challenges and fears. I think it is not unusual, but how can one grow and be fertile in this kind of ambience? The good thing is, that after so many years I am still looking for this beauty and sparkle, but still I have to fight hard for my own growth. Until now for me it is very hard to reach high when I feel this destructive energy around me. It doesn’t mean that we have to be always positive (of course not!), but come on! We can choose the focus of our thoughts and set the direction of our energy. And just pay attention to the way how we treat each other everyday… Because we have an effect on this for sure!

And I am a bit angry now, so I am asking you:

Why don’t we let each other to grow or fly?

Why do we break down each others “branches”? The storms do it anyway… 

And I go one step further: instead why don’t we nourish each other? Why don’t we help each other to reach higher? 

If you ever tried flying you should know that it is not an easy thing… So please do not put any weight on the other human’s wings! 


Salvador Dali – Ship With Butterfly Sails

How can we help each other to grow? I started to write a list and I encourage you to complete it with your own ideas in a comment, and also to practice them in real actions! 😉 Let’s make the New Year better for Everyone! Don’t wait for miracles, try to make them happen!

  • First of all find something in life that makes you fly and grow, that helps you to connect to your own life force, creativity and passion!
  • Respect each other’s time as the most precious ‘currency’ of our life! And respect your own time of course!
  • If you spend time with someone make sure that you help him/her to lift him/her higher – encourage, nurture, love and care!
  • Pay attention to the other human in general!
  • If someone open him/herself to you, handle with care and love!
  • Respect each others dreams and desires!
  • Do not think that your truth is the truth for everyone! Respect each other’s life and different experience!
  • Try to find and discuss about solutions, and do not spend too much time with the problem itself!
  • Try to process and heal your traumas, fears, work on yourself to be more and more healthy, full and loving! So you will be able to give a lot instead of taking (to fill your gaps)…
  • Try to see the human first in the other person, please do not judge!





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