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The messages of ‘Colors of Rhodes’

I am preparing for my very first exhibition with a lot of excitement and love to present my handmade self-designed jewelry collection called ‘Colors of Rhodes’ on the 23rd March on Rhodes island. But I am not preparing alone. I can tell you that this is really a beautiful team work even from the very beginning. Let me share some messages with you that came to my mind during the preparation process for tomorrow’s event in ONO bar.

Human touch

So first of all I have to highlight that this is a 100% handmade project. Not only my jewelries! ONO bar didn’t just give me the space for this exhibition, but they provided me a tailor made display that we fixed together for this event especially for the jewelleries of Ilios art. I couldn’t imagine more precious presentation for my jewelries, which represents the value of ‘human touch’. We spent many hours of working on the best possible structure and design. And our ideas were multiplicated.


So this is one reason why you should come tomorrow – to see the final result! 🙂

As the jewelleries were inspired by the villages of Rhodes island I wanted to boost the experience with a local village taste from the island. Maybe you know that the small mountain village of Apollona has a fantastic women’s community the Apolloniatisses. They are supporting my exhibition with a bite of famous Rhodian sweet – their wonderful handmade melekouni.  

melekouni Apolloniatisses

Different colors

On Rhodes you can find so colorful houses all over the island in different villages. This is how my collection was inspired primarily. And also I was inspired by the different characters of the people who I met here. Living together by accepting each other’s culture, way of thinking, nationality, personality, character is a basic value for me. This island is colorful in many ways and tomorrow’s exhibition could be a good opportunity to gather different people, from different nationalities and with different personalities. A good opportunity to meet each other. Also this island helped me to discover my own ‘colors’, to express myself in different ways. Finding myself as a jewelry making artist one day is one of the discoveries that I made with the influence of the island.



The Greek word for ‘spring’ – άνοιξη – comes from the same root like the word ‘Open!’ – Άνοιξε. So it is time to celebrate spring, to open again after winter. To celebrate the upcoming new season of the island. And especially for me the opening of this exhibition means the beginning of something new. I just started a new life in this country and after a bit difficult beginning it is an honour to have the opportunity to welcome all of you on this event.

And ONO opened the door for me and for everybody. The place where you can find high quality drinks, but among all of them I would definetely recommend you the “brother” of ouzo: ‘Arak’, the famous anise liqueur from Israel, that you can find only here on the island!





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// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek islands since 2017. My interests are: human integrity, the archaic man, wisdom and abundance of nature, cosmic analogies & patterns in the psychic and material realms, women's health, self-awareness, self-healing. I have been working on my first book on Rhodes island (Greece) for several years. // Főként az írás nyelvén közlő önálló utat kijárni próbáló gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Témáim a kultúra és az egyén kölcsönhatásai, emberi sorsok és motivációk mély szinten történő megértése, az archaikus ember, kozmikus analógiák a tudat és a matéria világában, a természet törvényszerűségeinek és mintázatainak megismerése és a velük való emberi együttműködés lehetséges útjai, a nőiség megértése és kibontása a saját életemben, valamint saját magam fogyhatatlan felfedezése, belső-külső tudatosság és az önazonosság fokozása ameddig csak lehet. Hosszú évek óta első könyvemen dolgozom Rodosz szigetén.


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