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A night with Buster Keaton

We continue the open air movie screenings with the most famous black&white movies of the 1920s silent film era in the ONO bar, Rhodes town. After last week’s Charlie Chaplin night, today on the 23rd of August we worship Joseph Francis Keaton (1895-1966) who became famous as ‘Buster Keaton’. Cos Houdini gave him the name ‘Buster’.


He was one of the most famous characters of the silent movie era and considered as the best physical comedian ever. He was an actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter and stunt performer who was born as a child of illusionist parents. So at the age of 5 he was already on the stage performing as an acrobat.

After the stage in his twenties he stepped into the world of silent cinema. There he developed his own unique character on the screen that became the trademark of his movies and performances.

‘The Great Stone Face’ – this is how they called him because of his look. He developed the legendary character of the naiv, innocent dreamer who is always in trouble and in absurd situations. Although his face was really a dead pan, his large deep eyes could express thousands of emotions.


Buster Keaton / source:

And it was not only about the face. He was a daring genious, a courageous stunt who was improvising on the screen without any script. For the hair-raising stunt actions he never ever used any safety or special equipment, so he was in real danger all the time during shooting. It happened to him that during shooting that he broke his neck, but he realized only months later… And he almost died a couple of times while doing extreme dangerous stunts. The godfather of Hong Kong action cinema, Jackie Chan considers Buster Keaton as an idol and inspiration.


Buster Keaton on screen without any safety equipment / source: youtube

From 1920 till 1929 was his extraordinary period in silent cinema when he was working on a series of movies. After this period he became alcoholic (he had a bad divorce, the sound cinema ‘talkies’ came along, etc), but in the 1940s he recovered, remarried and returned back on screen with another great success. He received the Academy Honorary Award in 1959 and has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

So tonight he is on The ONO screen with some short and long movies including Sherlock, Jr – one of his most famous one. There will be jazz, there will be popcorn, there will be beer offers, and free entrance!

We are waiting for you!

the ONO bar – Rhodes, Greece
28 October street & Amarantou corner



… and next week we continue with the most famous image of the silent movie era: Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last…








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