Month: October 2018

The ONO Project

More photos of Instagram posts are HERE & HERE.   Cocktail cards that appeared in printed versions in the bar and on social media surfaces: MORE COCKTAIL CARDS: HERE MORE COCKTAIL PHOTOS: HERE   Promotions: Breakfast offers for winter months: Article about the ONO bar by Mariann Lipcsei Published on in July 2018 and in the local magazine of Rhodes island: Lotos Rodos /Septembre-October issue 2018/   Interior photos of the bar by Mariann Lipcsei   the ONO bar – Rhodes, Greece 28 October street & Amarantou corner Web Facebook Instagram        Advertisements

My Greek Island Life

Rhodes is my second home on this Earth after Hungary. I happily share my knowledge and experiences about the island with whoever needs it even for a short-, or long term stay.

HuMan – Men of the Greek islands

Since I first stepped onto a Greek island (it was Thassos actually) I feel a very unique, sometimes unearthly atmosphere on these “isolated lands”. Different energy of Nature, that shaped the islanders’ life in a specific way from the beginning of times. Nowadays – because of the strong role of tourism business and globalisation process – the unique lifestyle started to disappear by loosing connection with Mother Nature. During my travels to Greek islands (mainly the island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese) since 2009 I was always capturing kind of magic moments of the local people on my amateur photographic level but as an advanced observer of life. They were magic and rare moments because they touched me with their simple human qualities and sincerity, authenticity. For me ‘The men of the Greek islands’ are different people, because they were shaped by the Greek Sea, the Greek Sun and the Greek Soil and they know how to live together with these powers. But on the other hand they are the same like all of us …