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It took me some years to set up the puzzle and to find out: I am a story-teller using the power of words and photos. Since my childhood my passion is deep discovery (about my environment and about myself), finding the deep core messages and sharing it in an honest and expressive way.

In my independent projects I am a gold-digger – meaning researching for authentic people, powerful stories of humans, cultures, rituals, Nature’s wisdom. My travels (especially to the Greek island of Rhodes) leaded me to my authentic path: researching and writing. You can find some writings of mine on this website about my travels and my travel researches mainly from Rhodes and the Dodecanese island group – Greece.

At the moment I am working on my biggest independent project so far: a book inspired by Rhodes island. Therefore I moved to the island in November 2017 and I live here, I still research here. I have countless ideas about this and the neighbouring islands – what to research, how to introduce the life on these interesting “isolated lands”.

If you find my work interesting and would like to cooperate with me on any travel journalism project, contact me:

Mariann Lipcsei –

Click on the pics below for my full travel-articles:




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Hungarian woman passionate about writing and photography as an expression, researching for authentic people, powerful stories of humans, cultures, rituals, Nature’s wisdom. Selfmade writer, traveller, anthropology researcher, creative. ~~~ Főként az írás és a fotó nyelvén közlő önálló utat kijáró alkotó embernek, kutatónak, kreatívnak tartom magam. Folyamatos inspirációm a különböző kultúrák, emberi sorsok és motivációk mélyebb szinten történő megismerése és megértése, valamint saját magam felfedezése, egy belső-külső tudatosság és az önazonosság fokozása.

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