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“My wive has been the change I needed…”

Let me share the most beautiful love letter I have ever red in my life written and posted on his instagram page by Luka Lesson “Australian-born wordologist of Greek heritage”, poet, rapper. 

I was shocked in a good way when I red this post. It gave me so much hope, that this sacred level of love and relationship between a man and a woman can exist. Loving, respecting, understanding and inspiring each other on this sensitive level can happen. And I think that all humans deserve this kind of union. But I am sure that it is only us who can lift ourselves up onto this stage of awareness and sensibility to approach and value each other the way how for example Luka does his wife in this post. Probably first :awareness about who we are and what we do in this world. Taking responsibilities. Then: working hard to become more and more a channel to create, to serve. To make a difference throughout our actions, thoughts and words around us in our lives. Working on our own individual inner freedom and healing ourselves from the past. Unfortunately I don’t know personally Luka and his wife, but I am sure that their relationship is not only a matter of luck, but mainly the result of a hard individual road of self search, awareness, inner reflection. So girls, before we complain “where are these boys?”, maybe we should try to be the woman first who is worthy to be loved on this sacred way. So to give ourselves this kind of self-respect and love first. And to discover and own our true, universal feminine qualities.

Here you are the words of Luka:

“My wife @isacatepillan has been the change I needed. She is a quiet, simple, patient, unwavering force of focus and love. It’s really something that inspires me – how humble and true to herself and to the people around her she can be. Sometimes I can’t believe how she has, just by simply staying true to her words down to the letter, and only performing actions that align with those words, kept me accountable in such a gentle way that I too feel closer to my own groundedness and authenticity.
She works in subtle ways, in deeper layers than this planet usually acknowledges as existing. Ways that are rarely celebrated or held up because they are hard to define or see on the surface – ways that relate to self-love and confidence and spirit and hope. Ways that are hard to capture in selfies and award ceremonies, ways that many women work in around the planet as healers and mothers, guides, artists and friends.
These ways have stopped me from chasing – from running around the planet without focus or self-care, from trying to escape myself through false activism, pointing fingers, unnecessary tours, misplaced anger, cheap ego boosts & shallows wins.
Her strength is the strength of the collective mother. That’s why when I leave the fridge open she says: “Amore, Madre Tierra!”😆 in a disappointed tone, like I’m hurting her by ignoring Mother Earth. 🌎 and it’s not cheap or false. She really feels that.
These lessons have me learning and healing and growing alongside her, and I feel so lucky to be in Chile with her again visiting her family and getting to know her land and sense of place on the world. Going deeper into the love and connection. I’m a lucky man. Σ’Αγαπώ αγάπη μου 😘”


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//EN// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek Dodecanese archipelago where I have been researching the characteristics of the local landscape and culture since 2015. This journey and work on the Aegean sea gives me the fuel to share what I've found: through written materials (on this blog and at other venues), and to create artworks of pressed flowers and herbs which is a great botano-mythical journey, a worship in the great temple of Mother nature that widens my whole world each day a bit more. My interests: human integrity, interactions between a culture and an individual, recognizing and understanding nature's orderly movements and the cosmic patterns in the human (body and psyche) and their interconnectedness with the non-human world, mythology & archetypes, the Great Mother archetype, women's health, and healing through rebonding with nature (especially with the plant world). //HU// Főként a szavak és a képek nyelvén közlő, önálló utat kijárni próbáló, gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Jelenleg Rodosz szigetén élek, ahol 2015 óta próbálom megfejteni a Mediterránum ezen szegletének (engem mágnesként fogva tartó) géniuszát a helyi természetben, szociokulturális vonásokban, egyéni történetekben - valamint próbálom megfejteni saját folytonosan formálódó viszonyulásomat e költészettől parázsló tájhoz, annak ambivalens jelenkori kultúrájához. Ez a kimeríthetetlen felfedező munka lett írásaim (és egyben önismeretem) epicentruma. A Rodoszi Herbárium pedig a görög szigetek természeti gazdagságának és éteri szépségének egyszerre megidézési- és megismerési kísérlete. A helyi növények gyűjtésével, préselésével és képekké alakításával nem csak a teremtés szépségében gyönyörködöm, hanem segít kapcsolódnom a fény útjához, a vegetáció diverzitásához és ritmusához, mitikus történetek, archaikus elfeledett bölcsességekhez, tudattalanomban szunnyadó képekhez, kozmikus analógiákhoz, és mindezen keresztül saját lényegemhez.

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