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15 places to drink coffee in Rhodes town

Well, life without coffee…

I’ll let you finish this sentence by your own. But I need one good cappuccino every morning (or whenever I want to use my brain). I love the taste and smell of coffee (I am more addicted than an expert), and a café as a space can function in many different ways for me. A café can give space to: read your daily newspaper, drink your espresso just before running to work (at least in my homecity Budapest, or in a busy capital), to have a date (or a secret date), to meet the girls, to meet business partners, to read a good book, to study, or to work on a project, or just to be inspired by the world goes by around you… or in some lucky situations visiting artistic events or exhibitions. Many ideas, innovations, relationships, love, new thoughts could be born in the space of a coffee shop.

I usually sit in cafés to write, and during my first months here in Rhodes town primarily I was searching for cafés to work in with my netbook. So I am usually looking for places with cappuccino with honey, fast internet, power outlet, comfortable seats and a quiet, inspiring environment with polite and friendly staff. I have been doing a discovery around Rhodes town for almost a year now amongst the coffee shops and I am happily sharing the result with you.

Just one additional thing about this local coffee-culture in Rhodes town: the majority of the people during winter are not running to work here, because they work during the summer months (because of the tourism industry), and they don’t really have secret dates, because everybody knows each other… :)) This means that during the winter months people here are sitting in cafés in some cases alone (mainly the older men in the kafenios), but mostly in groups (friends or family) for hours and they are actually very loud. 🙂 So let’s say that Rhodes town’s coffee places are more for socializing, and not for lonely activities. Drinking coffee incredibly slowly in Greece probably comes from the custom of drinking ‘elliniko kafe’ or Greek coffee, while you always wait until the coffee grounds subside on the bottom of your cup. It is a good excuse to have long conversations and socializing more with others.

Now let’s check the result of my coffee trips. And of course – it could be a much longer list, because this town has countless coffee places, but I tried to introduce different spots with different concepts and moods. I don’t mention now the big or small chains like Starbucks, Gregoris, Coffee island, Everest or Coffee berry, because I try to support individual businesses and talking about places that you can find only in Rhodes!

* Please consider, that the prices and opening hours could vary since I visited these cafés. The order of the places has nothing to do with priority or quality, it is a random order.

1. Koukos


Double cappuccino with honey and cinnamon at Koukos / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

I never met any local from Rhodes island who didn’t know about Koukos. And most of them adore this restaurant, because it is always a ‘cool thing’ to sit in Koukos. (but don’t go to Koukos just to be cool…:P ) Basically it is a Rhodian guesthouse opened in 1999. Its kitchen tries to represent the traditional local recipes from the island. They created also some cocktails inspired by the villages of Rhodes just like: Arnitha, Istrios, Monolithos or Dimilia. And of course the ‘crazy’ Archangelos with some hint of exciting chilli. Their bakery offers local pastries, pies, sweets from their own wood oven. They offer freshly grounded coffee and greek coffee (‘elliniko’) made by the traditional way in a brass ‘briki’ and in ‘hovoli’ (hovoli is a special equipment with hot sand that allows coffee to boil slowly and still keep it’s aromas and thick cream on top). Even in winter time it is a busy place, but during the summer days it is really recommended to book a table. The interior of Koukos is impressive and takes you to another time and space with its very Greek traditional atmosphere combined with a modern twist. I liked the coffee there during the slow winter days sitting inside the non-smoking area where usually only families sit with small kids (because usually everyone else smokes – haha). If you are there, try the Rhodian sandwich or the apple pie for breakfast! Those are my favourites. During the summer the terrace has a lovely mood sitting in the shadows of the 2 large old amazing trees (they have just cut the top of them in October 2018…) and having the beautiful gracious Isodia Theotokou church just at the opposite side of Mandilara street which has baptism ceremonies quiet often. The location of Koukos has something very special for me. It is in the middle of the vivid, fresh, but really Rhodian Nioxori area of town. Spacious, relaxed and it is true: it’s a cool place.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 3.20 EUR       Double cappuccino: 3.90 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water, that they refill continuously until you are there. So you always have a glass of water on your table in front of you. It is a ’Rhodian hospitality’ trait, part of Greek filoxenia.
Internet: free wifi            Power outlet: only a very few
View: street view (pedestrian) – Isodia Theotokou church
Opening hours: from Monday till Sunday always open (according to the website)
Address: Mandilara 20-22, Rodos – Greece              Google map
Website:    Online table reservation!


Interior detail of Koukos / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

2. Azzurro


Double cappuccino with honey at Azzurro / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

Azzurro means blue. It is not a surprise that they gave this name to this restaurant-café, because sitting there gives you the opportunity to get totally lost in the view of the one and only Aegean sea. The location offers you one of the most amazing sunsets of the island (just like all the other places along this west coast – and in Rhodes town it is called the ‘psaropoula’ coastline). During winter most of the people go there around sunset to enjoy these chilled moments with a cup of nice coffee or with a cocktail. But anytime you go to Azzurro, you will be enchanted by the sea, by its thousands of shades of blue. You always receive the azzurro biscuit with your coffee and a big bottle of water. As a restaurant they offer you snacks, club sandwiches, salads, tortillas. I also love their herb teas (especially the one with dictamus, which is an amazing herb from the mint family). For me in Azzurro the music was too loud and pop for writing and working, although the view is really inspiring. The staff is lovely, polite. Try their ceasar salad and the fresh juices! 😉

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no   Outside area: no
Cappuccino: 3.20 EUR        Double cappuccino: 3.60 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a big bottle of water, when you arrive even before you order anything.
Internet: free wifi            Power outlet: almost next to every seat
View: sea view with bottom to ceiling “full-view” windows
Opening hours: from Monday till Sunday from 9:00 until 24:00
Address: Akti Miaouli 22, Rodos – Greece         Google map

View of Psaropoula seaside from Azzurro / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

3. ONO

Double cappuccino and the Coffee loyalty card of ONO / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

Ono has a special place on my list. First of all, because it hosted my very first jewelry exhibition. A coffee-bar that opens its doors to any artists. A coffee-bar that has unique interior designed & built by Moran Strassler owner in industrial style filled up with warm, personal family objects at the same time providing a stylish contrast to the interior. A place where the music is always good, where you feel so comfortable just like in your own living room. A place with full of art books and vintage vinyls (and yes, they play the vinyls on a recorder -it is not just a decoration). A multicultural place with interesting people from everywhere (mostly design-sensitive ones), with thematic nights and events and with a wish to gather the creative people of the island. ONO is a place where artistic people and creatives (and I think also outsiders who are looking for something different) feel themselves really comfortable. That’s why I also have written about ONO, because I resonate with the story of the place as a “xeno” and as an art-lover person. And that’s why I ended up helping with some creative work for the place for a while. So I encourage you to go and be part of the whole experience.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no (it is an open space)  outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 3.00 EUR            Double cappuccino: 3.50 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with any coffee you order
Internet: free wifi         Power outlet: next to each seat (all around the bar)
View: street view
Opening hours:
from Monday till Saturday: 10:00 – 01:00
Sunday: closed (winter months different, check it out)
Address: 28 Octovriou & Amarantou corner, Rodos – Greece    Google map

The ONO bar interior / photo credit by Mariann Lipcsei

4. Sissitio


Double Cappuccino with honey at Sissitio / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

Next to the Suleiman’s Mosque on the top of the famous Sokratous street in the Old Town of Rhodes (UNESCO Heritage Site) you can find this stylish bar-restaurant sharing the same courtyard (in Greek = αυλή/avli) with The Contemporary Greek Art Museum and with the Church of the 12 Apostles. Sitting inside this well-preserved medieval building, or outside in its garden with the sight of Suleiman’s huge Mosque is a journey into the past, into different ages. The food in Sissitio is another journey. They offer “culinary pleasures influenced by the Greek cuisine” / While sipping my cappuccino there I could hardly concentrate on work because of the exceptional mixture of modern interior design and old medieval walls – they captured all of my attention as a strongly visual person. All the details of the place (music, food, lights, design) are serving the conception of being exclusive. I liked the way how they served my double cappuccino (with the honey in a separated ceramic pot), and I loved their bruschetta with smoked eggplant also. Working and writing was possible only until the beginning of the evening traffic, when people started to sit inside for a nice wine and dinner and the music becomes much louder. I love the fact that they are making events even during winter focusing on culture and jazz. The service is extremely polite.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no       outside area: yes
Cappuccino: I don’t know…        Double cappuccino: 4.50 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water, that they refill continuously until you are there. So you always have a glass of water on your table in front of you.
Internet: free wifi                   Power outlet: few
View: Old Town, Suleiman’s mosque
Opening hours:
Monday: closed
from Tuesday until Thursday: 18:00 – 02:00
Friday: 18:00 – 03:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 03:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 02:00
Summer: everyday from 09:00 till 02:00
Address: Sokratous 149 & Ippodamou str. Old Town – Rhodes, Greece     google map

Sissitio entrance from Ippodamou / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

5. People&People

Double cappuccino at People&People / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

People&People is ususally a meeting point and coffee break of people who work in the neighbouring Courthouse during the day. It is a perfect spot for any dates, for a quick (or slow) breakfast especially because of the majestic view of Mandraki harbour. The harbour where the Colossus of Rhodes were standing in the past, and where the deer statues (Elafos and Elafina – the symbols of Rhodes) are standing in the present. This small open-air corner cafeteria has such a lovely atmosphere. The tables are under two old huge trees and the music was lounge-jazz most of the times I visited – perfect for relaxing and having a distance from the daily busy life. This tiny cozy space shows its advantages especially around and after sunset. Simply amazing vibe, I love it. Reminds me of some corner coffees of Paris or Budapest. They have pastries, some snacks, good coffee and the staff was really friendly, truly payed attention to the guests whenever I visited. They have seats only on an outside terrace area, which is heated by ‘mushroom’ patio heaters during winter days, so you can comfortably sit there even when it is really cold outside. I love to sit outside always, anytime of the year. And being under trees is just an unexplainable healing and relaxing feeling for me. I could not work here because the music was too loud for that.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no      Outside area: yes (only)
Cappuccino: 3.10 EUR      Double cappuccino: 3.70 EUR
Water on the table: one cup of water with your coffee
Internet: free wifi            Power outlet: because it is mainly outside area, not really
View: street view – Mandraki harbour
Opening hours: everyday from 07:00 – 01:00
Address: Εθνάρχου Μακαρίου, Rodos – Greece      google map


View of Mandraki harbour / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

6. Black Marlin


Double cappuccino at Black Marlin / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

This café sits at one of the central points of town on the ‘psaropoula’ beach side, which is also called the ‘windy side’ (just like Azzurro). This cozy café with covered terrace is in the corner of the coastal road and 28 Octovriou street which comes from the centre of town. Being right next to the big crossroads with the statue of ‘Diagoras and his sons’ and a breathtaking sea view, the location is perfect to stare how the world goes by… It has a lovely terrace where you can check out all the millions of shades of the Aegean blue from, and (when the sky is clear) also the coasts of Turkey. You can sunbath on the terrace with your coffee most of the time even during winter (when it is not cloudy – not very often in Rhodes). The inside space has different type of seats – some of them suitable for working with a laptop just in the window with power outlets. But here I found also the music too loud to work. The view is incredible, sunsets are inimitable watching from this café. They give you their own bottled water (0,5 l) for any coffee you order and a biscuit which is filled with peanut butter – I love it!

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no   Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 3.50 EUR               Double cappuccino: 3.80 EUR
Water on the table: one bottle of Black Marlin mineral water (0,5 l) is offered for each coffee
Internet: free wifi                   Power outlet: next to most of the tables
View: sea and town acropolys
Opening hours: everyday from 08:00 – 02:00
Address: Akti Miaouli 2 – Rhodes, Greece     google map


Terrace of Black Marlin café, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

7. Central cafe bistro


Double cappuccino with honey at Central café bistro / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

This café is at one of the busiest central corner of the city. From this corner you have a look at the traffic coming to and from the harbour, from the beach and to the shopping district of town. The open-air terrace is quiet big and located on the street in front of the building, so you have a chance to stair at the pedestrians also. The location definitely feeds the healthy human curiosity about others. And always has a lot of people inside and on the terrace too.  I really loved the warm wooden interior, and have to say that the tables and chairs are really comfortable for work (at least in the inside area that I tried). The café is divided into more spaces, so you can be hidden also if you want ;). The service was really nice, kind, smiling people, and the coffee plus the huge sandwich that I ordered were also very good. I have spent there few hours during heavy rain, it was romantic and had the feeling of a western European café in a busy town. This café is warm, elegant and located in a strategic corner of town at the edge of the centre.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no    Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 3.30 EUR                      Double cappuccino: 4.00 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water, that they refill continuously until you are there. So you always have a glass of water on your table in front of you.
Internet: free wifi                            Power outlet: next to almost every table
View: street view
Opening hours:
Monday: closed
from Tuesday until Thursday: 18:00 – 02:00
Friday: 18:00 – 03:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 03:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 02:00
Address: 1 Amerikis – Rhodes, Greece     google map


Interior of Central café bistro, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

8. Playcafe


Double cappuccino with honey at Playcafé, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

This charming café is in the heart of Niohori area, where you can find some really romantic old buildings in the small narrow streets. The café is located in one of these buildings. The building of Playcafé looks like a charming rustic spot in Provence with its colors and a bit worn window frames and jalousie – that I adore. Already the building was really inviting for me. And when you step inside, you just say ‘wow’ – if you are romantic. Old huge mosaic floor, different chairs, different tables, colorful interior, and a round gallery level with small tables and pouffes – looks like my wonderland café. And there are other levels and spaces for playing games. They have a huge collection of board games. I just loved the honey in the small closed jar and the cinnamon cellar. And while I was having coffee downstairs the lovely waitress suddenly gave me a freshly baked croissant with nutella as a gift of the place. I couldn’t resist of course. Honestly it is not the best place for working, learning, cos people are playing and laughing and it is a very teeming space with strong social life, but the mornings are quiet here. I recommend to try this charming place with friends and for casual meetings. AH! And they are one of the very few cafés in town who give you discount on the drinks if you bring your own cup!

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no      Outside area: yes (tiny)
Cappuccino: 3.00 EUR          Double cappuccino: 3.50 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with any coffee you have
Internet: free wifi               Power outlet: few
View: street view
Opening hours: everyday 08:00 – 01:00
Address: Ionos Dragoumi 21, Rodos – Greece        google map


Ground floor interior of Playcafé Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

9. Finn cafe


Double cappuccino with honey and spinach pie at Finn café Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

One of the few Finn Cafes of Rhodes is located on the 100 Palms Square which is very close to the northest spot of the island (the Aquarium) and also the neighbour of the Museum of Modern Greek art. It is a self-service coffee shop with 3 different separate spaces (only one of them is smoking) plus a little cute terrace. They have a great variety of cakes (the cheescake is a must!), pies, quiches and you can always have the sandwich of your choice. The coffees are very good and during winter they have also a loyalty card for them. During summer I usually grab a freddo cappuccino or a pie on the way back home from the beach after a long swim. And last winter I lived nearby, so I came here quiet often to work on my computer. The internet was always steady, and the chairs, tables are comfortable also for long sitting hours. Although sometimes I wasn’t satisfied with the service of some members of the staff (sometimes they were especially unfriendly), my overall impression about this café (the atmosphere, the location, the quality of their products, the concept) is good.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 3.10 EUR               Double cappuccino: 3.50 EUR
Water on the table:
Internet: free wifi            Power outlet: they have several at almost each table
View: street view – Square Gavriil Charitou with palm trees
Opening hours: everyday 08:00 – 24:00
Address:  Kastellorizou 16, Rodos – Greece              google map

100 Palms square in front of Finn café, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

10. Fournariko


Ladopita with herbs, pizza special and a frappe at Fournariko, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

In general Fournariko is one of my favourite spots in town. It is a traditional local bakery in the heart of the medieval city of Rhodes (Unesco Heritage Site) which is open 24/7! They have their own wooden oven to bake all the different kinds of lovely pies, pastries, pizza, crakers, sweets, breads, whatever you can imagine, and more! My favourites here are: eliopsomo – the olive bread with white and black sesame seeds, the 3 different kinds of ladopita (= oil pie, which means it is very very thin pie and local speciality on Rhodes) filled with feta, or horta (green herbs) or meat ragout. I also have fallen in love with the special lenten bread, the ‘lagana’ of Fournariko which is eaten by the Greeks only on the first day of lent. And I’ve documented the whole lagana-making process in 2018 the night before ‘Kathari Defthera’ (= clean Monday). On top of this they use local ingredients for their products. They have an outside space with few tables to sit with your coffee and pastries – perfect for a breakfast or for an afternoon break, but it is again not the place to work on your netbook. Here you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere and the traditional tastes of Greece 24/7.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: no      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 2.20 EUR          Double cappuccino: 2.50 EUR
Water on the table: you receive one small bottle of water next to your coffee
Internet: free wifi               Power outlet: inside there are few
View: street view – Old Town
Opening hours: everyday 0-24
Address: Platonos & Dinokratous corner – Old Town, Rodos – Greece        google map


The wooden oven inside Fournariko, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei


11.  Mr Coffee


Mr. Coffee double cappuccino with honey / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

The location of Mr. Coffee is right next to the busy Dimokratias street close to the walls of the Old Town somewhere between the San Francisco gate and Kokkini Porta (Saint John gate). Although the café is located in a busy street, the huge pine trees all around ensures a lovely, relaxed environment with shadows even in the biggest heat of summer. Perfect also for working with a computer, has enough power outlets, good quality of wifi and comfortable seats. Great coffees and great, fresh bakery products baked in their own oven. Greek coffee is made on hovoli, just like at Koukos (nr 1 in this list). I always stopped here after the Thursday’s market for a cappuccino. I love their ‘fruits with yogurt and honey’ bowl. The service is friendly – only men. The Palace Cinema is right next to Mr. Coffee, so you always feel the smell of fresh popcorn, when they start the first screenings. I loved it.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino: 2.40 EUR          Double cappuccino: 2.60 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with any coffee you have. And they refill it.
Internet: free wifi               Power outlet: inside there are several
View: street view
Opening hours: everyday 07:00 – 22:00
Address: Dimokratias 11, Rodos – Greece             google map


Mr. Coffee interior detail / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

12. Cuppa


Cuppa – double cappuccino and sandwich with avocado / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

Cuppa is a cute little stylish self-service coffee shop with an environmental friendly concept located close to the beautiful Mandraki harbour. Environmental friendly first of all because you can buy here steel straws (I payed 3,9 eur for mine) and recycled organic bamboo thermos cups. Also if you go there with your reusable cup, you have a 10% discount on the coffee. They take care about vegetarian and vegan choices in terms of coffee and sandwiches. The avocado sandwich was amazing! They have a great variety of coffee blends and teas for sale. Service is lovely and so the variety of coffees and snacks. They have 1-2 power outlets, but the internet connection was very poor whenever I visited, so it did not allow me to work online. Hopefully they fixed this issue by now. I welcome their concept and effort to encourage people to be more environmental conscious.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: no (the café is an open space)
Cappuccino:  2,60 EUR          Double cappuccino: 2,80 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with any coffee you have.
Internet: free wifi (unfortunately very slow…)   Power outlet: only a few, but it is a small place
View: street view
Opening hours: everyday 07:00 – 22:00
Address: Ethnarchou Makariou 16, Rodos – Greece             google map


Cuppa interior detail / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

13. L’éternel French bar


Double cappuccino with honey at L’éternel rooftop, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

The French experience combined with the breathtaking charm of the medieval town of Rhodes. You will find here: quality in the selection of drinks, music, design and service. The most incredible rooftop view. Books from all over the world. Good coffee, lovely photos. A well designed concept with high attention to the details. A place that was born from the dreams of two courageous French men, who really take it as a mission to represent the values, the beauty, the charm of their beloved country and their own personality. I just adore (or: J’adore 😛 ) the rooftop! It is a perfect place to sip your coffee, read, work on your computer, and L’éternel is the first place I have ever visited in Rhodes, where they really care about the volume of the background music. So they lower it down if you demand it – and they ask you about it! No television (thank God). A sophisticated, elegant spot. L’éternel is always a good idea. Not only for coffee, but for live music events, because they have a piano, and various night programs based on the love of music.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes     Outside area: yes
Cappuccino:   3.00 EUR          Double cappuccino:  3.50 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with any coffee you have
Internet: free wifi        Power outlet: they can provide
View: Old Town from rooftop!
Opening hours: everyday from 17:00 till late night (currently closed, opens again on the 1st of May 2019)
Address: 18 Platonos, Old Town Rodos – Greece                       google map


winter sunset hour at L’éternel French bar, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

14. Steam café


Double cappuccino at Steam café, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

This is the café in town, where all the members of the staff are incredibly friendly. Steam is quiet a big café close to the ancient stadium and theater on the Acropolys of Rhodes located on a very busy corner. It has several different spaces: one for the non-smokers, 2 outside terraces, a space with couches and a small library of books, and finally a long space with lots of tables. There is self-service, and you can choose from a big variety of pastries, cakes, vitamin bars, sandwich of your choice and of course lovely teas and coffees. I was working there a lot because of the good quality of wifi and the comfortable seats and tables, although the football matches in the television did not allow me always to do that some evenings. Also students are studying here quiet often. I loved the summer mornings here on the inside terrace sitting next to the lovely frangipani tree under its shadow.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino:   2.50 EUR          Double cappuccino:  3.00 EUR
Water on the table: the water is always available for self-service
Internet: free wifi                Power outlet: several
View: street
Opening hours: everyday 08:00 – 23:00
Address: Themistocleous Sofoulis 112 Rodos – Greece      google map


15. Kontiki


Cappuccino with honey in Kontiki, Rhodes / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei

People told me that Kontiki is an “old” spot existing for ages. Well, I’ve just noticed it recently and I was very happy for this discovery. Kontiki is an unusual experience. First of all it is a floating restaurant café-bar on the sea in the majestic Mandraki harbour, close to the romantic Saint Nicolaos fortress with its lighthouse. It has two floors: the restaurant with Greek-Mediterranean fine-dine cuisine is on the base and the café-bar is on the first floor. Elegant, posh design, service and products on the table. The view is spectacular – windows all around, from floor to ceiling. Be careful if you have seasick easily, because you really feel the waves under your seat… As I see their facebook page, they have live music nights too including the piano in the middle of the dining area.

Separate smoking and non-smoking area: yes      Outside area: yes
Cappuccino:   3.80 EUR          Double cappuccino:  4.20 EUR
Water on the table: they offer you a glass of water with anything you have
Internet: free wifi                Power outlet: they provide power banks
View: Mandraki harbour
Opening hours: everyday 09:00 – 02:00
Address: Plateia Neoriou Marina Mandrakiou, Rodos – Greece      google map


Kontiki by night – a floating restaurant café-bar in Mandraki harbour / photo credit: Mariann Lipcsei









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//EN// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek Dodecanese archipelago where I have been researching the characteristics of the local landscape and culture since 2015. This journey and work on the Aegean sea gives me the fuel to share what I've found: through written materials (on this blog and at other venues), and to create artworks of pressed flowers and herbs which is a great botano-mythical journey, a worship in the great temple of Mother nature that widens my whole world each day a bit more. My interests: human integrity, interactions between a culture and an individual, recognizing and understanding nature's orderly movements and the cosmic patterns in the human (body and psyche) and their interconnectedness with the non-human world, mythology & archetypes, the Great Mother archetype, women's health, and healing through rebonding with nature (especially with the plant world). //HU// Főként a szavak és a képek nyelvén közlő, önálló utat kijárni próbáló, gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Jelenleg Rodosz szigetén élek, ahol 2015 óta próbálom megfejteni a Mediterránum ezen szegletének (engem mágnesként fogva tartó) géniuszát a helyi természetben, szociokulturális vonásokban, egyéni történetekben - valamint próbálom megfejteni saját folytonosan formálódó viszonyulásomat e költészettől parázsló tájhoz, annak ambivalens jelenkori kultúrájához. Ez a kimeríthetetlen felfedező munka lett írásaim (és egyben önismeretem) epicentruma. A Rodoszi Herbárium pedig a görög szigetek természeti gazdagságának és éteri szépségének egyszerre megidézési- és megismerési kísérlete. A helyi növények gyűjtésével, préselésével és képekké alakításával nem csak a teremtés szépségében gyönyörködöm, hanem segít kapcsolódnom a fény útjához, a vegetáció diverzitásához és ritmusához, mitikus történetek, archaikus elfeledett bölcsességekhez, tudattalanomban szunnyadó képekhez, kozmikus analógiákhoz, és mindezen keresztül saját lényegemhez.


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  2. pazarlo says

    Izgalmas volt elolvasni.
    Belátom, el kell utaznom erre a szigetre is.
    Köszönöm a cikket kedves Mariann!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mariann Lipcsei says

      😀 Örülök, ha meghozta a kedvet az ide látogatáshoz! És ha így tesz, én a szezonon kívüli látogatást ajánlom erősen, mert júniustól szeptemberig élhetetlen a létezés a szigeten. Viszont előtte és utána teljességében élvezhető minden kulturális és természeti kincse Rodosznak. 🙂


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