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Mental, emotional health & culture

Since my childhood my passion is a deep discovery about us, humans. I am observing my environment in order to find the epicenter of motivations and actions under the surface.

As I feel it on my skin, our contemporary culture lost the healthy loving and creative human individual as an ultimate goal of each area of life. Neither education, neither the healthcare system, neither our legal system and the whole social apparatus we live in does NOT deal with emotional and mental sanity of humans. Our technology allows us to fly to the moon, but we are still lacking basic knowledge about our own nature on mental and emotional aspects. This knowledge requires the ability of self-reflexion, and more attention to our feelings, intuitions, the symptoms of our physical body, our human relationships and to our culture.

The culture we live in has a huge impact on each individual (especially at early ages of life), and also we, grown-up individuals shape our culture with our actions, decisions or with the lack of actions or decisions.

Are we directed by the culture blindly? Are we the passive product of our environment? Do we live our life without the usage of our own will power, our abilities, reason and creativity? Do we live our life without our basic right (and duty) to develop self integrity?

Or do we try to find our own answers? Are we brave enough to pose questions, and to doubt things? Do we have the courage to emerge from the primitive existence and create a truly human life with reason, love, creation and self-awareness? 

Well, these are the main questions of mine and therefore I dedicate some blog posts particularly to these topics. However my whole activity is saturated with this point of view, so any literature and project of mine will search answers to these questions above.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Gustav Jung

Here you can find some examples of the blog posts of mine on mental, emotional health and culture:


















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// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek islands since 2017. My interests are: human integrity, the archaic man, wisdom and abundance of nature, cosmic analogies & patterns in the psychic and material realms, women's health, self-awareness, self-healing. I have been working on my first book on Rhodes island (Greece) for several years. // Főként az írás nyelvén közlő önálló utat kijárni próbáló gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Témáim a kultúra és az egyén kölcsönhatásai, emberi sorsok és motivációk mély szinten történő megértése, az archaikus ember, kozmikus analógiák a tudat és a matéria világában, a természet törvényszerűségeinek és mintázatainak megismerése és a velük való emberi együttműködés lehetséges útjai, a nőiség megértése és kibontása a saját életemben, valamint saját magam fogyhatatlan felfedezése, belső-külső tudatosság és az önazonosság fokozása ameddig csak lehet. Hosszú évek óta első könyvemen dolgozom Rodosz szigetén.

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