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Homemade antiseptic cleaning spray for household

I have already written about the very huge impact of certain products, chemicals and substances on our health especially when it comes to women. Because women’s health has an impact on their ovum, therefore on their child’s health. Let’s see this again for the sake of awareness:

We should think much forward than today and being super conscious about the following stuff, because they could cause hormonal disbalances and fertility or other health problems in women’s body the most easily:

  • contraceptive pills
  • cleaning products – especially on an island where the hospitality sector is huge and many many people work with all kinds of cleaning products in hotels, accomodations cafés and restaurants. Women should really avoid – at least minimize – working with chemicals!
  • food additives
  • cosmetical preservatives, artificial perfumes, colors in makeup and in all kinds of beauty products
  • insecticide products
  • hair coloring materials
  • materials used for fashion nails
  • nail polish
  • chemicals and artificial odours in feminine hygiene products (sanitary pads, tampons)

I have already highlighted above the harmful effect of all kinds of cleaning products and let’s be honest: mostly women use these substances in the household while cleaning. So this time I would love to share a very very simple recipe to make an eco-friendly, human-friendly antiseptic cleaning spray which can be used actually every corner of the house for antiseptic and cleaning purposes. Ideal in times of corona also…

I received this recipe from a lovely Hungarian friend, who tries hard to live the conscious life, but just to let you know: also the internet is full of these kinds of ideas for homemade healthy eco-friendly cleaning products. Actually I have chosen to make only this one and I believe that this will substitute all the other million kinds of cleaning products. I try to save, I try to simplify and I hate too much plastics and objects around me. I remember that I bought too many different kinds of products in the past for cleaning this, cleaning that, but finally I realized that it is absolutely insane and unnecessary.

So here you are guys all the information to create this magic spray by yourself.


What you need to do is mixing every ingredient togehter in your bottle. It’s not difficult. 🙂 

You will need the following things:

  • one bottle with spray function. Still, mine is plastic, but what to do…? I bought it in the closest supermarket for 1.70 EUR. But you can wash properly a used one so you don’t have to buy it.
  • pure alcohol (200 ml)  – I bought it in the one and only pharmacy in Mandraki village, and it is not exactly pure alcohol, but my Greek is not advanced enough to understand the ingredients’ list and the seller in the pharmacy could not explain me neither what else is in the bottle than alcohol. I didn’t argue and bought it. It was 2.20 EUR.
  • citric acid (2 tablespoons) – Mine is around 1 kg (it is not written on the package though …) and it costs 4.90 EUR, but will be enough for a long while.
  • vinegar (200 ml) – I don’t remember the price, because I bought it weeks ago and I use it in general to clean the kitchen counter and basin which I’ve learnt from my one and only Manolis and Despoina on Rhodes island at their taverna – Old Monolithos.
  • essential oil of your choice (10-20 or more drops).

Let me recommend the no. 1. bactericidal, antiviral essential oil: TEA TREE OIL! “It kills several common bacteria and viruses responsible for causing illness, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae. A study testing several types of hand wash shows that adding tea tree oil to the cleansers boosted their effectiveness against E. coli. Tea tree oil makes a great all-purpose cleaner that also sanitizes surfaces.” /source/ I always have it at my home and beside its super effects I adore its scent. So my antiseptic spray has 15 drops of tea tree oil. They also say that cockroaches don’t like tea tree oil, so it is a perfect ingredient in the mediterranean where cockroaches are everyday guests during hot summer days.

I have put also a second type of essential oil, which is citronella this time. Only because in Mandraki there is no lavender oil in the pharmacy… Which is kind of crazy, because the island is full of wild lavenders. But you know how is it going in capitalism and globalism… We are disconnected from our environment completely. Otherwise, if they had it here, lavender would be my second choice of oil. But I am not that disappointed, because citronella is a great component also. “For centuries, citronella has been used for a variety of purposes, including: as an insect repellent, as an antifungal agent, to treat parasitic infections, to promote wound healing, to lift mood or fight fatigue.” /source/ And it also has a wonderful fragrant.

If you live on Rhodes island the number one source to buy essential oils is definitely Maria on the local food market which is every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The best price on the island and the biggest variety from a Greek distillery. Pure local Greek products – not only essential oils, but vegetable oils and handmade cosmetics too. You can also find Maria via this phone number: +30 694 494 3949 and read more about her here.

Also I would like to add a Greek website, where you are able to find all kinds of eco-friendly products and order them to your home:

Okay Dear Ones, I think now you know everything about the secret of a homemade antiseptic cleaning spray for household. Let’s use this knowledge and let’s get back to nature together as soon as possible!

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//EN// I am a Hungarian woman living on the Greek Dodecanese archipelago where I have been researching the characteristics of the local landscape and culture since 2015. This journey and work on the Aegean sea gives me the fuel to share what I've found: through written materials (on this blog and at other venues), and to create artworks of pressed flowers and herbs which is a great botano-mythical journey, a worship in the great temple of Mother nature that widens my whole world each day a bit more. My interests: human integrity, interactions between a culture and an individual, recognizing and understanding nature's orderly movements and the cosmic patterns in the human (body and psyche) and their interconnectedness with the non-human world, mythology & archetypes, the Great Mother archetype, women's health, and healing through rebonding with nature (especially with the plant world). //HU// Főként a szavak és a képek nyelvén közlő, önálló utat kijárni próbáló, gondolkodó, örökösen válaszokat kereső embernek tartom magamat. Jelenleg Rodosz szigetén élek, ahol 2015 óta próbálom megfejteni a Mediterránum ezen szegletének (engem mágnesként fogva tartó) géniuszát a helyi természetben, szociokulturális vonásokban, egyéni történetekben - valamint próbálom megfejteni saját folytonosan formálódó viszonyulásomat e költészettől parázsló tájhoz, annak ambivalens jelenkori kultúrájához. Ez a kimeríthetetlen felfedező munka lett írásaim (és egyben önismeretem) epicentruma. A Rodoszi Herbárium pedig a görög szigetek természeti gazdagságának és éteri szépségének egyszerre megidézési- és megismerési kísérlete. A helyi növények gyűjtésével, préselésével és képekké alakításával nem csak a teremtés szépségében gyönyörködöm, hanem segít kapcsolódnom a fény útjához, a vegetáció diverzitásához és ritmusához, mitikus történetek, archaikus elfeledett bölcsességekhez, tudattalanomban szunnyadó képekhez, kozmikus analógiákhoz, és mindezen keresztül saját lényegemhez.

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