Month: April 2022

A cook who can’t feed herself at times

Originally posted on aho's homemade food:
I stopped blogging because I stopped eating. It was not a choice. Nor an eating disorder. Sometimes life throws so much at us that we bend under pressure.? It’s been nearly two years since I moved into domczyk or a tiny summer house deep in the Polish countryside. It’s been over two years since I realised that I might be autistic. The two-year journey ends soon, as I am saying goodbye to this house. It’s time to sail into the deep, scary waters. But before I do so, there’s a story I’d like to share. Domczyk. [spring 2021]Sat at the old, spent wooden table in my no-kitchen, wondering whether the birds’ songs outside and the sunlight sneaking into the room make me more or less depressed.? Kitty’s sleeping, oblivious to the storm that’s going on in my head and the smudgy black stains on my cheeks from what used to be make-up this morning.? Melted cheese on a piece of a bread roll quietly cools and begins to…