About me

I am a Hungarian woman using mainly writing and photos as an expression. And a lot more. But I cannot put myself in one category, which is very normal, because I am a human.

I definitely see the world around me with sensitivity, curiosity, admiration and with a strong motivation to understand it (and myself in it) on the deepest possible level.

I consider myself a thinker, an observer, a slow moving person who is a huge fan of nature, deep conversations, simplicity and imperfection.

I believe in human touch. And I believe in diversity.

My discoveries and my curiosity are leading me towards various fields, but my main topics are:

seeking for authenticity & integrity, spiritual anthropology, cultures, rituals, human values, nature’s wisdom & diversity, women’s nature & health, gentle birth, self-awareness, self-healing.

At the moment I am living and working on my first book on Rhodes island, Greece.

In the meanwhile I am trying to create a shift in my life towards authenticity, groundedness and intuitive creation in harmony with nature.




2008 – Communication Specialist / college degree – Székesfehérvár, Hungary

2008 – Economist / college degree – Székesfehérvár, Hungary

2012 – Yoga Instructor Certification / International Wellness Institute – Budapest, Hungary

2012 – Yoga Therapy / Purnam International Yoga Teacher Academy – Budapest, Hungary

2013 – 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training / Purnam International Yoga Teacher Academy – Budapest, Hungary

2013 – Vinyasa flow yoga teacher training / Judit Varga – Budapest, Hungary

2012-13 – Dharma Training – Personal training by yoga philosophy and practice for self-fulfilment / Zoltán Kádár

2013-2016 –  Yoga, tantra yoga methods and teachings / Beatrix Kovács *Gargi

2017 – Women’s cycle consciousness seminar / Réka Gáborjáni

2017 – Seminars on the spiritual aspects of period, sexuality, and birth / Réka Gáborjáni – Budapest, Hungary

2017 – Courses on preparation for pregnacy and childbirth / Réka Gáborjáni – Budapest, Hungary

2017 – KIT Method – intimate training for women / Zsófia Kardos – Gödöllő, Hungary

2017 – DONA International Birth Doula Training / Réka Dézsi – Budapest, Hungary