About me

 I cannot put myself in one cathegory, which is very normal, because I am a human.

I definetely see the World around me like an artist: with sensitivity, passion, admiration and with a strong motivation to understand the WORLD around (and inside of) me on the deepest possible level. This is how my projects are born. I feel the passion, I research, I experience and then I share. I share in many different ways and with many different tools. I try to deliver emotions, sincere moments of life I am touched by mainly through writing and photography. I never learnt any of them anywhere. I just do it, because it is necessary for me.

My discoveries and my curiosity are leading me towards various fields of life. My main interests are:

human nature – individual stories – art – artists – cultures – traditions – rituals – spiritual development – gentle birth – healing – Mother Nature

The different tools and methods of yoga help me to stay connected with my inner space and live my life according to universal laws. It is a never ending beautiful journey.

Greece – and especially Rhodes island – inspires me the most right now, awakes the fire element in my life and opens my senses to experience the different colors of life in many ways. Even very dark colors. I go through the palette…

Learning more and more about myself as a woman and exploring the spiritual aspects of my power as a woman help me to heal myself in different ways.


2008 – Communication Specialist / college degree – Székesfehérvár, Hungary

2008 – Economist / college degree – Székesfehérvár, Hungary

2012 – Yoga Instructor Certification / International Wellness Institute – Budapest, Hungary

2012 – Yoga Therapy / Purnam International Yoga Teacher Academy – Budapest, Hungary

2013 – 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training / Purnam International Yoga Teacher Academy – Budapest, Hungary

2013 – Vinyasa flow yoga teacher training / Judit Varga – Budapest, Hungary

2012-13 – Dharma Training – Personal training by yoga philosophy and practice for self-fulfilment / Zoltán Kádár

2013-2016 –  Yoga, tantra yoga methods and teachings / Beatrix Kovács *Gargi

2017 – Women’s cycle consciousness seminar / Réka Gáborjáni

2017 – Seminars on the spiritual aspects of periods, sexuality, and (re)birth / Réka Gáborjáni – Budapest, Hungary

2017 – Courses on preparation for pregnacy and childbirth / Réka Gáborjáni – Budapest, Hungary

2017 – KIT Method – intimate training for women / Zsófia Kardos – Gödöllő, Hungary

2017 – DONA International Birth Doula Training / Réka Dézsi – Budapest, Hungary


2008-2010 – Sales and marketing coordinator & Junior Advertisement and Sales Manager / Mood Media Hungary Kft. Sensorial Marketing Agency – Budapest, Hungary

2011-12 – Consumer Sales Coordinator / Vodafone Hungary – Budapest, Hungary

2012-15 – Footprint Development Coordinator / Vodafone Hungary – Budapest, Hungary

2013-14 – Yoga teacher – private lessons (hatha, vinyasa flow)

2017 – Volunteer job via workaway / VIVIAN STUDIOS Ialysos, RHODES – GREECE

2018Sales and Marketing Specialist / My Greek Me – Rhodes, Greece

Freelance projects from 2015: