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Halki island: a journey into a different time and space

Six thousand words about this tiny magic island are touching only the surface. I give you an insight through my eyes, through the hospitality of my local hosts and through the honest memories of a local woman of the island. Tales from the past and the present. For the ones who want to discover deeply, for the real travellers a teaser of Halki island is written here below.


15 places to drink coffee in Rhodes town

Well, life without coffee… I’ll let you finish this sentence by your own. But I need one good cappuccino every morning (or whenever I want to use my brain). I love the taste and smell of coffee (I am more addicted than an expert), and a café as a space can function in many different ways for me. A café can give space to: read your daily newspaper, drink your espresso just before running to work (at least in my homecity Budapest, or in a busy capital), to have a date (or a secret date), to meet the girls, to meet business partners, to read a good book, to study, or to work on a project, or just to be inspired by the world goes by around you… or in some lucky situations visiting artistic events or exhibitions. Many ideas, innovations, relationships, love, new thoughts could be born in the space of a coffee shop. I usually sit in cafés to write, and during my first months here in Rhodes town primarily I was searching …

Making the ‘lagana’ bread on Rhodes island

Today is Clean Monday (Καθαρή Δευτέρα / Kathari Deftera) in Greece, the first day of the 40-day-long lenting period before Easter which is called σαρακοστή / sarakosti. They call it clean, because this is the first day of lent and also because in the past the Greek houswifes washed all the kitchen tools with hot water on this day. Most of the Greeks go for a picnic today (called koulouma), or they just gather and eat food according to the lent (without meat, egg, milk) – mainly seafood and vegetarian dishes from the Greek kitchen. And only on this day Greeks eat the λαγάνα / lagana, the special, crunchy lenten flatbread which goes very well with the other foods of Clean Monday (like taramosalata – fish roe salad, tahini, halva, stb…). This bread was already mentioned by Aristofanes, so Greeks have been eating it since the ancient times and still preparing it the same way: covering it with chruchy sesame seeds. It contains a special spice that gives a specific taste and aroma to the bread (they …

Respect for the new beginnings – the ‘agiasmo’ ritual for a wonderful museum opening ceremony in Archangelos

“Let me introduce you a custom, a glimpse at one tiny ingredient of the “Greek life” through a beautiful ceremony. Because I found that Greeks have a special approach towards new beginnings. Why is it special? Because they are able to stop sometimes, to celebrate particular moments of life and fill them with spirit, gratitude and care.”

The blessing of the waters in Rhodes town – 6th January 2018

Blessing of the waters today – 6th of January – in Rhodes town, Mandraki harbour. It was such a nice spot right (next to Evaggelismos chruch) where I was sitting by the sea next to an old, friendly fisherman – Antonis. From here we could saw very well this exceptional event – which is called the Epiphany – and also sunbathing, because the Sun was shining so strongly today. I don’t know what this event exactly means to the people here, but for me it was something new, and yes: magical in a way. I loved the boats, the bells, the lovely kids around, the excitement of the people, the waves in front of my legs, the salty breeze of the sea and the comments of Antonis – the fisherman. 🙂 For me who come from a really different culture, this morning was colorful, fragrant, warm and cozy.  Crowds gathered today only to witness the competition of some determined swimmers for the ‘holy cross’ in the cold sea. It definetely had a power, and I …

Panigiri in Nikia – Nisyros island

I left Nisyros island more than two weeks ago, but I am still missing this island very much. The most beautiful experience was the traditional festival (panigiri) outside of Nikia village at Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery, where the local people gathered for one crazy night with dance and very very good food under a huge tree to celebrate LIFE in a so simple way. Just letting the joy circulating through their body and spirit. I made a lots of videos, but I share this particular one with you right now to show you how easy to have fun in life – and of course to show you that Greek people are practicing this so naturally. Look at these men and I guarantee that you will feel much better, you will feel the joy while they are liberating themselves through dance and music. THIS IS THE MINIMUM LEVEL OF CRAZYNESS THAT WE NEED FOR LIFE. TO BE ABLE TO CONNECT THE PLAYFUL CHILD INSIDE OF US! Otherwise we are lost… Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery, Nikia, 25. September …

A night with music in Cafe-bar 1900

Last night was very special for me and I guess for everybody who was in Cafe 1900  in Archangelos village on Rhodes island. With these amazing, exceptional musicians we experienced a beautiful journey into a faraway space… I have no more words for that night – music created itself and something unrepeatable was born in front of us through the art of these musicians – it was an open channel. I feel so honoured that I could be part of this deep spiritual experience. Musicians: Anna Nikitiade Despoina Spanou Manolis Christodoulou Panormitis Boubas Taxiarchis Georgoulis