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HuMan – Men of the Greek islands

Since I first stepped onto a Greek island (it was Thassos actually) I feel a very unique, sometimes unearthly atmosphere on these “isolated lands”. Different energy of Nature, that shaped the islanders’ life in a specific way from the beginning of times. Nowadays – because of the strong role of tourism business and globalisation process – the unique lifestyle started to disappear by loosing connection with Mother Nature. During my travels to Greek islands (mainly the island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese) since 2009 I was always capturing kind of magic moments of the local people on my amateur photographic level but as an advanced observer of life. They were magic and rare moments because they touched me with their simple human qualities and sincerity, authenticity. For me ‘The men of the Greek islands’ are different people, because they were shaped by the Greek Sea, the Greek Sun and the Greek Soil and they know how to live together with these powers. But on the other hand they are the same like all of us …

Being rich

What does ‘being rich’ really mean to us? What if you had no material possessions, but you had the joy, the love in your heart, the smile, and the beautiful stories of your life that you could share with others? This man obviously lives in deep poverty in a Greek village on Rhodes island. But he smiled at me even if I was a stranger to him. He stands proudly next to his old, little crumbly house for one photo, and invited me inside, offering a seat for me and showing me a picture on the wall that he is very proud of. No complaining, no sadness. Not ashamed by the material poverty, not at all…. Because we are much more than that. Because he is rich inside. There are a lot of things above the physical dimensions that last longer than the material world we build around us. We can forget objects, but we never forget human connections and gestures of LOVE. What kind of richness do we need more than…?      

Generations – father and son

Father and son are working together in their garden on a hot Sunday afternoon (27th August 2017) in the beautiful Old Town of Rhodes. Two generations are on one photo. Ilias and Vasilis are carving a sign board for Vasilis’ guesthouse. Ilias the handyman – who is laughing so loud – built their house with his own hands and also the garden which was a busy restaurant years ago – before the crisis. They let me to take some photos of them and also invited me for a lovely conversation into the shady garden. Father and son are working together in harmony, in a silent meditation, but also there are a lot of differences between them. The straight back of Ilias and his elegant clothes even during manual work and in a hot weather takes us back into the past. Vasilis has a different workstyle, and of course lifestyle, because he has grown up in a different era.  The differences between our generations shouldn’t prevent loving and accepting each other or learning from each other… …