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Why you should spend the winter on a Greek island

Winter is a really good period for travelers, who are deeply interested in the local culture of Rhodes, a perfect occasion to observe the authentic everyday life of the community of the island. This period is also for the travelers who adore nature, silence, who prefer to visit a Unesco site, and ancient, byzantine remains without the crowds of people. For people who are looking for an alternative peaceful, relaxing holiday. Because Rhodes is such a big, fertile, diverse, interesting island with too many gifts of Nature all around the year cycle.


When the body says: NO / Amikor a test mondja ki a NEM-et helyettünk

“Az emberek életében jelenlévő stressz nagy része érzelmi eredetű stressz, de a legpusztítóbb stressz mind közül az, ha az ember más próbál lenni, mint aki Ő maga” /Selye János/

The blessing of the waters in Rhodes town – 6th January 2018

Blessing of the waters today – 6th of January – in Rhodes town, Mandraki harbour. It was such a nice spot right (next to Evaggelismos chruch) where I was sitting by the sea next to an old, friendly fisherman – Antonis. From here we could saw very well this exceptional event – which is called the Epiphany – and also sunbathing, because the Sun was shining so strongly today. I don’t know what this event exactly means to the people here, but for me it was something new, and yes: magical in a way. I loved the boats, the bells, the lovely kids around, the excitement of the people, the waves in front of my legs, the salty breeze of the sea and the comments of Antonis – the fisherman. 🙂 For me who come from a really different culture, this morning was colorful, fragrant, warm and cozy.  Crowds gathered today only to witness the competition of some determined swimmers for the ‘holy cross’ in the cold sea. It definetely had a power, and I …

Grow like a tree

The symbol of the tree in many cultures is the same: growth, reaching up high towards the light, being fertile by giving fruits. In Nature everything grows towards the light. What about humans? For some days I have been thinking about this ‘tree element’ in our life. I feel this kind of growth in my life when I feel safe emotionally (feeling safe to express myself as I am) and also when I am inspired by something, when I am on the way of creating something, when I am open and able to discover and share the beauty and the power of Nature and Human Spirit and to draw attention to this creative life force which can lift us really high. This is my work and my life about. I was always searching for this, but I just realized it recently. And also realized that this is one reason why I always was an outsider of my environment. Whenever I had a vision, or idea most of the time I was told by my environment that …

A lovely weekend with nature lovers in Monolithos

Last week for me was about Monolithos – the tiny mountain village on the South-West of Rhodes island. On Wednesday I was collecting mushrooms there in the forest with Manolis and Despoina – the owners of Old Monolithos Taverna. Perfect time to enjoy the silence of the beautiful calm nature and also to have an amazing meal of wild mushrooms with a mushroom expert. 😉 After that trip I didn’t have to wait for so long to return to the lovely village, as I heard that a seminar would be held on that weekend by Γιάννης Ελενίτσας (Giannis Elenitsas) agronomist – botanist about the theory and the practice of making 100% natural beeswax cream with oil extract from local herbs. I had no doubts about going there as I am really into herbs, nature and any knowledge about the island and its natural treasures. To top this the seminar was free of charge located in Thomas Hotel with amazing panoramic view of the sea and nature. On Saturday fortunatelly I had the chance to join in the …

Hello Rhodes, here I am!

I arrived exactly 13 days ago to the island of Rhodes, Greece. But this travel is completely different than the previous ones during the last 8 years, because finally I decided to move here. After 8 years of love, dreaming, wishing and researching I landed on Rhodes with 3 luggages on a dark, rainy November night – to start a new life…   Even I have been dreaming about this step since the first time I saw the island, everything happend fast and even now it is unbeliveable for me that I’ve made this step. I did not travel blindly, as during the past years I was researching the life, the customs, the attitude and the traditions of the local community with a huge passion for my upcoming book, but of course there is no guarantee about a new life. You decide, you make the first step, you depart and you take the responsibility of the results, of the unknown, of your own rebirth. There is risk for sure and the decision was surrounded by …