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HuMan – Men of the Greek islands

Since I first stepped onto a Greek island (it was Thassos actually) I feel a very unique, sometimes unearthly atmosphere on these “isolated lands”. Different energy of Nature, that shaped the islanders’ life in a specific way from the beginning of times. Nowadays – because of the strong role of tourism business and globalisation process – the unique lifestyle started to disappear by loosing connection with Mother Nature. During my travels to Greek islands (mainly the island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese) since 2009 I was always capturing kind of magic moments of the local people on my amateur photographic level but as an advanced observer of life. They were magic and rare moments because they touched me with their simple human qualities and sincerity, authenticity. For me ‘The men of the Greek islands’ are different people, because they were shaped by the Greek Sea, the Greek Sun and the Greek Soil and they know how to live together with these powers. But on the other hand they are the same like all of us …

Thessaloniki in black & white

Let me give you a slight reflection about the city of Thessaloniki after a three-day-long travel this January. I am reflecting about the city through black & white images to transfer a certain kind of mood even that the full spectrum of its colors were stunning and charming. But I don’t want to enchant you now. How do you feel if you see something in black & white? Is it sad? Or too sharp? Or nostalgic?  Obscure, or gives you a clearer vision of the substance?          

The blessing of the waters in Rhodes town – 6th January 2018

Blessing of the waters today – 6th of January – in Rhodes town, Mandraki harbour. It was such a nice spot right (next to Evaggelismos chruch) where I was sitting by the sea next to an old, friendly fisherman – Antonis. From here we could saw very well this exceptional event – which is called the Epiphany – and also sunbathing, because the Sun was shining so strongly today. I don’t know what this event exactly means to the people here, but for me it was something new, and yes: magical in a way. I loved the boats, the bells, the lovely kids around, the excitement of the people, the waves in front of my legs, the salty breeze of the sea and the comments of Antonis – the fisherman. 🙂 For me who come from a really different culture, this morning was colorful, fragrant, warm and cozy.  Crowds gathered today only to witness the competition of some determined swimmers for the ‘holy cross’ in the cold sea. It definetely had a power, and I …

A walk up to Monte Smith – 30th December 2017

Rhodes is called the island of Sun, but in the last 2 days it was like London – raining and raining and raining… Okay, sometimes it stopped for 10 minutes, so the Sun appeared to paint some rainbows and beautiful colors on the sky. And than the rain came again. I did a trip with a friend by walk up to the Acropolis of Rhodes to the hill called Monte Smith from the Aquarium and now sharing some photos with you that I took on the way. Yes, we are crazy, and we were the only ones walking in the rain… 😉          

The spirit of Kalymnos – photobook

I have been deeply inspired to visit a small island on the Aegean sea called Kalymnos by a man called Giannis. I have met Giannis in 2014 first in Rhodes island where he is running an exceptional ‘ouzeri’ with his wife Litsa. With their food they try to represent the kitchen of Kalymnos – the island where Giannis was born – and with their filoxenia (Greek word for Greek hospitality) they try to treat the guests like family members. The character of Giannis is the extra spices of the place and captured me so much with his love for music and life. So I went to Kalymnos to discover the roots of this ouzeri and visit the homeland of Giannis. Kalymnos was love at first sight for me and in 2016 I made a photobook about my first visit to the island. The book contains my favourite moments and photos taken by me and includes some knowledge about the island. I recommend it to Everyone of You with love! Click on the picture below to reach …