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From Hippocrates To Poetry Therapy

“(…) if we can’t talk about our feelings and traumas, if we are not able to find a right language for it, it will make us sick. As a very well-known Hungarian psychiatrist – called András Feldmár – said: you processed your trauma in the moment when you are able to talk about it and everyone is crying around you, but not you (anymore). And through the language of poetry, you can talk about even the most difficult things in a very sensitive and understandable way.” – Izsó Ζita Hungarian poetess (excerpt from the below interview) – Izsó Ζita Hungarian poetess (excerpt from the below attached interview) It is a rare, joyful moment to share such a beautiful interview like this one with Hungarian poets Weiner Sennyey Tibor, Bék Timur and Izsó Ζita who were invited to one of the largest literary events in Greece, the 5th Patras World Poetry Festival to read their poems to the Greek audience and to the poets of 11 more countries. The invitation of the above mentioned Hungarian poets …

Halki island: a journey into a different time and space

Six thousand words about this tiny magic island are touching only the surface. I give you an insight through my eyes, through the hospitality of my local hosts and through the honest memories of a local woman of the island. Tales from the past and the present. For the ones who want to discover deeply, for the real travellers a teaser of Halki island is written here below.

Thessaloniki in black & white

Let me give you a slight reflection about the city of Thessaloniki after a three-day-long travel this January. I am reflecting about the city through black & white images to transfer a certain kind of mood even that the full spectrum of its colors were stunning and charming. But I don’t want to enchant you now. How do you feel if you see something in black & white? Is it sad? Or too sharp? Or nostalgic?  Obscure, or gives you a clearer vision of the substance?          

Panigiri in Nikia – Nisyros island

I left Nisyros island more than two weeks ago, but I am still missing this island very much. The most beautiful experience was the traditional festival (panigiri) outside of Nikia village at Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery, where the local people gathered for one crazy night with dance and very very good food under a huge tree to celebrate LIFE in a so simple way. Just letting the joy circulating through their body and spirit. I made a lots of videos, but I share this particular one with you right now to show you how easy to have fun in life – and of course to show you that Greek people are practicing this so naturally. Look at these men and I guarantee that you will feel much better, you will feel the joy while they are liberating themselves through dance and music. THIS IS THE MINIMUM LEVEL OF CRAZYNESS THAT WE NEED FOR LIFE. TO BE ABLE TO CONNECT THE PLAYFUL CHILD INSIDE OF US! Otherwise we are lost… Agios Ioannis Theologos Monastery, Nikia, 25. September …

The spirit of Kalymnos – photobook

I have been deeply inspired to visit a small island on the Aegean sea called Kalymnos by a man called Giannis. I have met Giannis in 2014 first in Rhodes island where he is running an exceptional ‘ouzeri’ with his wife Litsa. With their food they try to represent the kitchen of Kalymnos – the island where Giannis was born – and with their filoxenia (Greek word for Greek hospitality) they try to treat the guests like family members. The character of Giannis is the extra spices of the place and captured me so much with his love for music and life. So I went to Kalymnos to discover the roots of this ouzeri and visit the homeland of Giannis. Kalymnos was love at first sight for me and in 2016 I made a photobook about my first visit to the island. The book contains my favourite moments and photos taken by me and includes some knowledge about the island. I recommend it to Everyone of You with love! Click on the picture below to reach …