Book project – final interview topics

Dear Reader,

my book project is about the three essential connections of a human being: the connection with our own individual inner nature, connection with the external nature that surrounds us (the planet), and the connection with other human beings, with each other. In my book I try to find out how to create harmony between these connections. I believe that human culture (which was born together with the wine culture) has to serve the harmony of these essential connections of ours. Human culture has to serve integrity in all levels. It has to serve the dignity and health of every living being.

I am researching the proofs of this wisdom and harmony in the remaining pieces of the local Rhodian culture and nature to rediscover and highlight the universal human values inside of it, and also to rediscover and highlight the unique values of this island, which defines the unique character of the local culture, and nature. The unique messages that Rhodes could teach the rest of the world. The unique colors, smells and sounds, that one can find only on this land.

I am also looking for the reasons why we went so far from this harmony here on Rhodes. I am continuously working on the book, but there are some topics that I really need help with, and I cannot go further, because I am stucked.

Maybe you will know someone who knows the answers or the right person to help me. I appreciate every single help with any of the following topics.
You can contact me here:

1. The community life in the villages before the massification of tourism, television ~ before the 1960s

I would like to find a woman (or more women) from the oldest living generation from any of the villages of Rhodes, who can talk about their daily life, routines, traditions, foods, customs from the time when they were kids. I would like to see and understand what kind of connection did they have with nature (agriculture, food, herbs, animals), what was their daily routine in the village (both men and women), what was the set up and purpose of the family, how did the community live (what were their rules, ethics, fears and joy)? How did they celebrate? How did they raise kids and gave birth to them (customs related to this event)? /for this topic I would be extremely happy to meet with a former midwife, or ladies who know about homebirth practices, customs/

I would like to have a picture about the life before having hospital, electricity, plastic, tourism, the epidemic of medicines and technology.

2. The wheel of Nature and Culture / κάθε πράγμα στον καιρό του 

I would like to create the „wheel of nature and culture of Rhodes” for a yearly cycle (highlighting each months). This means that I would like to know when is the time of certain (the most typical) local fruits, herbs, natural phenomenons, flowers and the specific foods, customs, festivals, celebrations connected to them during the year.

For this topic I am collecting personal stories and memories also. If you have a story to tell connected to the phenomenons of nature, any harvest, customs, family gatherings, community life based on these things, I would be very happy to hear that. (One example: a 60 year old man told me, that he remembers those nights when he was a child and his grandmother gave them a herbal shower on the top of their head from faskomilo in the village Profilia.)

I am looking for simple stories that are related with the simple joy and the healing effect of nature, the earth and the traditional customs of a village, a family, or a community on Rhodes.

Memories about the connection between humans and nature which can be specifically found here on Rhodes. I try to find universal knowledge rooted from the core of each human, and also the specific knowledge of Rhodes rooted in the local customs.

In case of any question and help and ideas please write me an e-mail:

Thank you for any kind of help from the bottom of my heart,


5th January 2019