Here you can read about some travellers’ experience who came to Rhodes island with me, or asked for my guidence before their travel.


Alexandra Czéh:

“Mariann was talking about the island a lot before my trip, and since I was never a person who enjoys to be at the beach and doing nothing, I didn’t want to travel there.
However her passion is so deep to the culture and everything which connects to Rhodes, after a while this love made me interested.
One of her travels I joined her to a trip to Rhodes, and from that time whenever I feel down and need some peace and joy in my life, I recall the memories from the island. She introduced me to Rhodes throughout various experiences which I couldn’t get from any another person. We had a privilege to go to the mountains and saw Rhodes from a different perspective, explore the hidden places, get to know the people’s habits and the history. Her tales made us to drink her words
And when she started to talk about the greek cuisine we couldn’t wait to taste the mention meals.
I could only wholeheartedly recommend her to accompany you to your journey, it will be unforgettable without the slightest doubt.”


Katalin Kézsmárki:

“Mariann’s efforts ensured us fantastic memorable summer holidays at Rhodes many-many times. My fiance and I visit the island every summer since 2013. At the very first time it was Mariann’s recommendation to choose the island as a holiday destination.
She had my colleague at my previous workplace at Vodafone Hungary. To try and keep the story short, in 2013 once we had a chat with colleagues during the lunch break where to go for summer holiday. She told us interesting stories and her previous experiences about Rhodes so enthusiastically, so it was not a question any more where to go for holiday. Because of her Rhodian friendship network she arranged a clean and friendly accomodation for us very quickly at Faliraki. Thanks to Mariann we could discover and visit many lovely places on the island, which are not promoted in the tourist books neither. Via her we had several emotional meetings with locals, tasted many nice traditional food. As a cherry on the pie, last summer based on her recommendation we found a local jeweller who made us wedding rings for our Big Day in 2018. Thanks to Mariann, Rhodes and its lovely atmosphere will be with us forever! Next year we are going to visit the island together with our little daughter. We wholeheartedly recommend Mariann to anyone wishing to travel to Rhodes for whatever reason and wish Mariann the very best success in her future!”


Orsolya Klenovszki:

“Travelling to a foreign place is always full of positive excitement, but on the other hand one can also worry about the unknown. Before our travel Mariann gave us plenty of useful tips and advices about Rhodes island which helped a lot to feel safe during our honeymoon and select the best possible activities. She shared all the details of her experiences with us, so we could organize our time during the holiday very well. So finally, when we had to leave from the island I did not feel any gap, we found the way to visit all the places that we really wanted to.”


Marianna Gurbi:

“So far I could enjoy Mariann’s guidence on Rhodes island three times and it is not an accident that she is my guide everytime. Through her eyes the island looks really multicolored and each and every travel with her helped me to discover a new side of the place. The best thing is that she is really prepared about the island, she knows a lot of local people, she has a strong geographycal knowledge too. But she represents these things in a smooth and funny way which is perfect for a holiday.”


Mária Molnár-Nagymáté:

“With my family (my husband, my daughter and our granddaughter) we have been to Rhodes island many times in the past. We love this island very much, but we wanted something more above the optional activities of the tourist agencies, so we asked Mariann’s advice. I knew that she was in love with the island and also she was visiting the place much more often so she made really good connections with the locals, she was researching the tradition and the sights of Rhodes. She recommended us a plenty of new spots like amazing secret beaches, small authentic tavernas, places that we could never find ourselves as outsiders. She is really an insider on the island and without her researches all over the last 8 years it wouldn’t be possible to find these places. Each member of our family had a really good time during our holiday even that we were 3 different generations. Just to mention a few exceptional things recommended by Mariann: the largest religious ceremony of Greeks in the summer the ‘Assumption of Virgin Mary’, and some amazing dinners in lovely tavernas. They were really special experiences where we enjoyed the beautiful filoxenia of the locals and made very nice and warm connections with them. To find these places is possible only if someone is so enthusiastic like Mariann. We haven’t experienced the same feeling and athmosphere before. So that’s why we will definetely visit the island in the future – thanks for Mariann for her precious advices!”


Edina Hoffmann:

“As her friend I always knew that Mariann is in love with Rhodes island and Greece in general. She has been visiting the island, researching about its culture, gastronomy and history for many years. During my first Greek holiday on Rhodes I happily chose her as a guide and I did it well. She is full of stories about the island and she is telling them with a really good sense of humour. She took me to special, amazing places. She is really open-minded and kind so she made a lot of friends on the island. I was really surprised that wherever we went, the locals welcomed her and me also with open arms which was a very unique experience. She could recommended a cozy tavern for each night where I could try a lot of local authentic dishes. If someone chooses Mariann as a guide on Rhodes he or she will definetely have an exciting special holiday.”


Lipcsei Mariann Rhodes