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A movie night with another legend – Harold Lloyd

The last open-air movie screening of The ONO bar in August brings you the 3rd big legend of the silent movie era after Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. On the 30th of August ONO represents Harold Lloyd (1893-1971) actor, comedian, producer with two of his best black&white silent movies.   They were the 3 big legends of the 1920s America: Chaplin – Keaton – Lloyd. But Lloyd made more films than the other two movie icons together, around 200 motion picture creations. His movies were one of the most successful ones and he was one of the richest and most influential director and actor in Hollywood – actually the highest paid star of the 1920s. He was really the first comedian who put himself into physical danger as a source of laughter with his stunts without any safety equipment. This movie era created the wide aspect of visual humour as a result of the lack of verbal assets on screens. So developing a remarkable character on screen was also an important key of the success. …

A night with Buster Keaton

We continue the open air movie screenings with the most famous black&white movies of the 1920s silent film era in the ONO bar, Rhodes town. After last week’s Charlie Chaplin night, today on the 23rd of August we worship Joseph Francis Keaton (1895-1966) who became famous as ‘Buster Keaton’. Cos Houdini gave him the name ‘Buster’.   He was one of the most famous characters of the silent movie era and considered as the best physical comedian ever. He was an actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter and stunt performer who was born as a child of illusionist parents. So at the age of 5 he was already on the stage performing as an acrobat. After the stage in his twenties he stepped into the world of silent cinema. There he developed his own unique character on the screen that became the trademark of his movies and performances. ‘The Great Stone Face’ – this is how they called him because of his look. He developed the legendary character of the naiv, innocent dreamer who is always …

Thessaloniki in black & white

Let me give you a slight reflection about the city of Thessaloniki after a three-day-long travel this January. I am reflecting about the city through black & white images to transfer a certain kind of mood even that the full spectrum of its colors were stunning and charming. But I don’t want to enchant you now. How do you feel if you see something in black & white? Is it sad? Or too sharp? Or nostalgic?  Obscure, or gives you a clearer vision of the substance?