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Why you should spend the winter on a Greek island

Winter is a really good period for travelers, who are deeply interested in the local culture of Rhodes, a perfect occasion to observe the authentic everyday life of the community of the island. This period is also for the travelers who adore nature, silence, who prefer to visit a Unesco site, and ancient, byzantine remains without the crowds of people. For people who are looking for an alternative peaceful, relaxing holiday. Because Rhodes is such a big, fertile, diverse, interesting island with too many gifts of Nature all around the year cycle.


Dina’s kitchen – The real Greek home food experience in the heart of Rhodes town

Not all of us have the possibility to taste a Greek mother’s home made food during a short holiday in Greece amongst the several fake touristic places on the popular destinations. So I help you: if you come to Rhodes and want to taste a Greek mother’s authentic plates which is defienetely combined with the real Greek ‘filoxenia’, then visit Dina in the heart of Rhodes town.

ONO – a bar with a vision and style

Let me introduce the ONO bar and Moran Strassler, the man behind it. Behind the idea, the design, the implementation, the investment, the management and actually behind the bar counter too. A young open minded designer from Israel with the passion for hospitality invested everything in his idea: to create a stylish coffee-bar to interconnect people, ideas, inspirations on the sunniest Greek island, Rhodes. Despite of his talent and the really unique concept he has to face with lots of challenges on the way – like everyone who is brave enough to create out of the box and go against the mainstream.   The bar is very young, still in its growing phase as it opened in November 2016 in the heart of Rhodes town. I am sure that it will gravitate its crowd within a short time, because it has a strong core and an instinctive concept. It’s character represents authenticity in all of its qualities which makes it really one of a kind. Starting from the unique interior built and designed personally by Moran. …

The messages of ‘Colors of Rhodes’

I am preparing for my very first exhibition with a lot of excitement and love to present my handmade self-designed jewelry collection called ‘Colors of Rhodes’ on the 23rd March on Rhodes island. But I am not preparing alone. I can tell you that this is really a beautiful team work even from the very beginning. Let me share some messages with you that came to my mind during the preparation process for tomorrow’s event in ONO bar. Human touch So first of all I have to highlight that this is a 100% handmade project. Not only my jewelries! ONO bar didn’t just give me the space for this exhibition, but they provided me a tailor made display that we fixed together for this event especially for the jewelleries of Ilios art. I couldn’t imagine more precious presentation for my jewelries, which represents the value of ‘human touch’. We spent many hours of working on the best possible structure and design. And our ideas were multiplicated. So this is one reason why you should come …

Recipes from Rhodes – The Beetroot – παντζαρια

This winter on the island of Rhodes gave me the chance to meet beetroot a bit closer. In Hungary we have a kind of beetroot salad, but I was never into that so much. In general about food I prefer the ‘mediterranean’ approach with its simplicity and always fresh and seasonal ingreedients. During December, January you could see beautiful fresh beetroots with huge stems and leafs everywhere on Rhodes – on the market, in grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. So I could not resist to buy a big bunch of them. I wanted to prepare them the way I usually do, and then my Greek friend Katerina came and gave me some lessons about beetroot. And then Vangelis Pavlidis came and shared some other secrets with me about this fantastic plant, and the way how Greeks prepare it in the traditional way. Which is so simple – as Greeks don’t like to make things difficult – and quick. So now I am sharing this knowledge with you too. Spread the word and cook like Greeks! 🙂 Okay, …

Making the ‘lagana’ bread on Rhodes island

Today is Clean Monday (Καθαρή Δευτέρα / Kathari Deftera) in Greece, the first day of the 40-day-long lenting period before Easter which is called σαρακοστή / sarakosti. They call it clean, because this is the first day of lent and also because in the past the Greek houswifes washed all the kitchen tools with hot water on this day. Most of the Greeks go for a picnic today (called koulouma), or they just gather and eat food according to the lent (without meat, egg, milk) – mainly seafood and vegetarian dishes from the Greek kitchen. And only on this day Greeks eat the λαγάνα / lagana, the special, crunchy lenten flatbread which goes very well with the other foods of Clean Monday (like taramosalata – fish roe salad, tahini, halva, stb…). This bread was already mentioned by Aristofanes, so Greeks have been eating it since the ancient times and still preparing it the same way: covering it with chruchy sesame seeds. It contains a special spice that gives a specific taste and aroma to the bread (they …