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Halki island: a journey into a different time and space

Six thousand words about this tiny magic island are touching only the surface. I give you an insight through my eyes, through the hospitality of my local hosts and through the honest memories of a local woman of the island. Tales from the past and the present. For the ones who want to discover deeply, for the real travellers a teaser of Halki island is written here below.

Weekly HELLO from Rhodes – 08/04/19

Hello, welcome to the weekly magazine of a Hungarian woman, who moved to a Greek island in 2017 and writing her book there through an intensive research and interviews with locals. The purpose is giving you an insight about the daily life of this island as a foreigner, and also about the book-writing process.   Week 15th / 1st April – 7th April (and all the weeks before…) Oh yes, I just couldn’t keep my promise about posting weekly. I should have known myself better. And also this island. Because on Rhodes you cannot make plans ever… We say it very often here with the other foreigners. Somehow our experience is this: everything is just a maybe and nothing is for sure here. There is always a problem to solve, there is always an unexpected thing coming to you, so you learn to be really flexible. Back in Hungary I have been to Budapest in the meanwhile just for 5 days in February,  which was an amazing trip. Visiting my country after 15 transformative months …

15 places to drink coffee in Rhodes town

Well, life without coffee… I’ll let you finish this sentence by your own. But I need one good cappuccino every morning (or whenever I want to use my brain). I love the taste and smell of coffee (I am more addicted than an expert), and a café as a space can function in many different ways for me. A café can give space to: read your daily newspaper, drink your espresso just before running to work (at least in my homecity Budapest, or in a busy capital), to have a date (or a secret date), to meet the girls, to meet business partners, to read a good book, to study, or to work on a project, or just to be inspired by the world goes by around you… or in some lucky situations visiting artistic events or exhibitions. Many ideas, innovations, relationships, love, new thoughts could be born in the space of a coffee shop. I usually sit in cafés to write, and during my first months here in Rhodes town primarily I was searching …

Why you should spend the winter on a Greek island

Winter is a really good period for travelers, who are deeply interested in the local culture of Rhodes, a perfect occasion to observe the authentic everyday life of the community of the island. This period is also for the travelers who adore nature, silence, who prefer to visit a Unesco site, and ancient, byzantine remains without the crowds of people. For people who are looking for an alternative peaceful, relaxing holiday. Because Rhodes is such a big, fertile, diverse, interesting island with too many gifts of Nature all around the year cycle.

Dina’s kitchen – The real Greek home food experience in the heart of Rhodes town

Not all of us have the possibility to taste a Greek mother’s home made food during a short holiday in Greece amongst the several fake touristic places on the popular destinations. So I help you: if you come to Rhodes and want to taste a Greek mother’s authentic plates which is defienetely combined with the real Greek ‘filoxenia’, then visit Dina in the heart of Rhodes town.

ONO – a bar with a vision and style

Let me introduce the ONO bar and Moran Strassler, the man behind it. Behind the idea, the design, the implementation, the investment, the management and actually behind the bar counter too. A young open minded designer from Israel with the passion for hospitality invested everything in his idea: to create a stylish coffee-bar to interconnect people, ideas, inspirations on the sunniest Greek island, Rhodes. Despite of his talent and the really unique concept he has to face with lots of challenges on the way – like everyone who is brave enough to create out of the box and go against the mainstream.   The bar is very young, still in its growing phase as it opened in November 2016 in the heart of Rhodes town. I am sure that it will gravitate its crowd within a short time, because it has a strong core and an instinctive concept. It’s character represents authenticity in all of its qualities which makes it really one of a kind. Starting from the unique interior built and designed personally by Moran. …