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The messages of ‘Colors of Rhodes’

I am preparing for my very first exhibition with a lot of excitement and love to present my handmade self-designed jewelry collection called ‘Colors of Rhodes’ on the 23rd March on Rhodes island. But I am not preparing alone. I can tell you that this is really a beautiful team work even from the very beginning. Let me share some messages with you that came to my mind during the preparation process for tomorrow’s event in ONO bar. Human touch So first of all I have to highlight that this is a 100% handmade project. Not only my jewelries! ONO bar didn’t just give me the space for this exhibition, but they provided me a tailor made display that we fixed together for this event especially for the jewelleries of Ilios art. I couldn’t imagine more precious presentation for my jewelries, which represents the value of ‘human touch’. We spent many hours of working on the best possible structure and design. And our ideas were multiplicated. So this is one reason why you should come …

Ria Jewelry – a hidden gem in Faliraki, Rhodes

If you go to Faliraki on Rhodes island during summer season you will be kind of lost amongst the numerous tourist shops. But Ria’s jewelry shop – just like Ria herself – is so unique, vivid, extraodinary and sexy. I found her shop two seasons ago, and when I stepped in I felt myself like in a small paradise of colors and different kind of feminine energy. Because us women have so many shades and colors and feelings, attributes to express. So you will definetelly will find a piece of jewelry or accessory in this shop to express yourself as a woman – who you are. And you can find Ria’s own handmade items as well amongst the other designer pieces from different parts of Europe wherever she travels during the year. When I met with Ria end of last season she gave me a little insight about her shop and herself, so here is the result with some photos to introduce you this hidden gem. 🙂 When did you open the shop? How did the …

Breeze of Sping – jewelry collection from Ilios art

This year spring has come very slowly, but finally it is here! 🙂 I designed this very delicate collection to honor the new, refreshing colors of spring. It is time to change our outfit, to open up, to express ourselves just like nature does. I welcome this season with this collection. The pieces are small, gentle with a transparent glass cover on each jewelry that gives an extra glamor to them. Each set contains a ring (1.8*1.8 cm) and an earring (1*1 cm) with the same color. Let’s wear your favourite color of spring! If you like any of the following jewelries send an e-mail:    Turqoise LOVE Mulberry shake Sunflower Blue dress Strawberry yogurt Spring sky Lemonade with Rosemary Poppy field Emerald lake White Tulip Morning Glory Crazy Lime More photos about the collection: here On this photo the lady is wearing the ‘Mulberry shake’ earring:   I am wishing you a lovely, colorful spring and renascence to You all!