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Spirit of Kalymnos

In September 2015 it was time for me to sail to the famous island of the spongedivers. I spent 6 days there which is not a long time, but enough to fall in love with the island.


A lovely weekend with nature lovers in Monolithos

Last week for me was about Monolithos – the tiny mountain village on the South-West of Rhodes island. On Wednesday I was collecting mushrooms there in the forest with Manolis and Despoina – the owners of Old Monolithos Taverna. Perfect time to enjoy the silence of the beautiful calm nature and also to have an amazing meal of wild mushrooms with a mushroom expert. 😉 After that trip I didn’t have to wait for so long to return to the lovely village, as I heard that a seminar would be held on that weekend by Γιάννης Ελενίτσας (Giannis Elenitsas) agronomist – botanist about the theory and the practice of making 100% natural beeswax cream with oil extract from local herbs. I had no doubts about going there as I am really into herbs, nature and any knowledge about the island and its natural treasures. To top this the seminar was free of charge located in Thomas Hotel with amazing panoramic view of the sea and nature. On Saturday fortunatelly I had the chance to join in the …

Experiencing powers – inside and outside

Well… I am here in the amazing Dodekanisos, Greece for more than a month. I came here exactly on the day of a New Moon, and I really feel that I started a new cycle in my life – just like our beautiful Moon. It happened accidently, but finally I realized how much my life is connected to nature here. To different aspects of nature. First of all I experienced growth. The beautiful island of Rhodes helped me to open myself and all my senses again to experience the beauty, the love, and a lot more kind of energies around me. It happens all the time when I come here, but this time it was stronger than ever… Rhodes helped me to rediscover some inner power deep inside of me. It is beautiful to reconnect your spirit, to meet new qualities inside yourself, to discover yourself after a long term of being kind of lost and powerless… It is amazing to discover new spaces inside of yourself and also to realize that the world outside feels …

Kritinia Panorama – the gift of Nature

On Rhodes island the traveller can experience both the quiet, sandy, crystal clear beaches (Eastern coast) and the wild, windy area with lots of waves (Western coast). Each coast has a lot of sigths to visit, but they have really different athmosphere. Now I recommend you a sight on the west side of the island which is not a well-known spot and despite of being on the “wild” side this can be the perfect place of peaceful, meditative moments to get rid of the worrisome thoughts. The Kritinia Panorama is a viewpoint created by nature, where you can enjoy a fascinating view of the neighbouring islands of Chalki and Alymia and also we can rest our eyes on a calming valley of pine forest. The evergreen valley of the pine forest has an ‘S’ shape with very gentle, soft lines. This tender geometry of nature reminds me of a refined woman. If you really allow yourself to melt into the view you can experience different feelings. Perfect spot for recharging our batteries, to breath worries, …