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‘Alkyonides’ days

I have already highlighted the beauty and the specialty of winter on a Greek island in this post. But I haven’t mentioned so far this lovely period called Alkyonides meres / Αλκυονίδες μέρες in Greek – in English ‘Kingfisher days’ – which is another reason to visit Greece off season.   Greek winter could be pretty chilly and windy, but nearly every year during the Alkyonides meres, which is a meteorological phenomenon of the central Greek climate, there is a lovely period of windless days with clear blue sky and mild temperatures which can reach up to 20°C, or even more! Alkyonides meres could take place from 15th December to 15th February each, but most often between January 16-31. Living on Rhodes (on the sunniest island of Greece) it is never a surprise if we have a strong sunshine, but usually during these days the temperature rises here too. It happened in the previous weeks that we had to turn off the heating, we did not have to make fire in the fireplace. More people …

Mushroom collecting in Monolithos

Once upon  a time, last December I visited the charming, peaceful mountain village in the southwestern coast of Rhodes island called Monolithos. The name Monolithos means ‘single rock’. The village got its name from the nearby castle that was built 300 meters above sea level on a ‘single rock’ in the Byzantine era and which was fortified in 1476 by the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Pierre d’Aubusson. It has majestic view, one of the main attractions of the island. It has a small church inside the remains of the walls of the castle worshiping Agios Panteleimon. My visit to the village had a certain purpose that time, because I was invited for a mushroom collecting walk in the neighbouring pineforest by Manolis and Despoina the owners and chefs of the one and only Old Monolithos Taverna inside Monolithos village. Their kitchen is always authentic, clean, fresh, local and of course the food is made by lots of care and love with decades of experience. Because of this authentic kitchen with the fresh …

Why you should spend the winter on a Greek island

Winter is a really good period for travelers, who are deeply interested in the local culture of Rhodes, a perfect occasion to observe the authentic everyday life of the community of the island. This period is also for the travelers who adore nature, silence, who prefer to visit a Unesco site, and ancient, byzantine remains without the crowds of people. For people who are looking for an alternative peaceful, relaxing holiday. Because Rhodes is such a big, fertile, diverse, interesting island with too many gifts of Nature all around the year cycle.