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Rodosz kincsei – egy téli hétvége Monolithos faluban

“Nekem ez a hétvége sokkal több volt, mint egy információgyűjtés a készülő könyvemhez. Csodálatos embereket ismertem meg – olyanokat, akikkel sok a közös érték. Magamba szívtam Monolithos energiáját a természeten keresztül, és ismét megtapasztaltam a görög filoxenia-t, ami a definiálatlan, hatalmas, korlátokat nem ismerő vendégszeretetet jelenti számomra.”

A winter weekend with nature lovers in Monolithos village

Last week for me was about Monolithos – the tiny mountain village on the South-West of Rhodes island. On Wednesday I was collecting mushrooms there in the forest with Manolis and Despoina – the owners of Old Monolithos Taverna. Perfect time to enjoy the silence of the beautiful calm nature and also to have an amazing meal of wild mushrooms with a mushroom expert. 😉 After that trip I didn’t have to wait for so long to return to the lovely village, as I heard that a seminar would be held on that weekend by Γιάννης Ελενίτσας (Giannis Elenitsas) agronomist – botanist about the theory and the practice of making 100% natural beeswax cream with oil extract from local herbs. I had no doubts about going there as I am really into herbs, nature and any knowledge about the island and its natural treasures. To top this the seminar was free of charge located in Thomas Hotel with amazing panoramic view of the sea and nature. On Saturday fortunatelly I had the chance to join in the …