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The sacred plant of the Rain God: the Mexican marigold

Few weeks ago I received a strange dried flower bouquet from a local farmer here on Rhodes island. I consider him as a local shaman although he would never accept this title. He is the person who was teaching me the most about plants and the divine cosmic design. So he gave me these strange yellow flowers amongst dozens of others, and did not say anything about them. Back home I found its name at least: Mexican marigold or Tagetes Lucida. But I didn’t really look up for more info. Now I am reading a book about archaic images, symbols of water, moon, feminine, underworld. It describes a God of the Aztecs: Tlaloc. He was the rain deity, the ruler of the mysterious water-underworld: Tlalocan (Greeks called it Hades) where the great ancestors, the wisdomholders lived. The rain is the blessing of the otherworld, and ancestors. It is the nourishing source which maintains life on Earth. The Great Ancestors send love to Earth in the form of rain. Rain and water was the primordial element …

Halki island: a journey into a different time and space

Six thousand words about this tiny magic island are touching only the surface. I give you an insight through my eyes, through the hospitality of my local hosts and through the honest memories of a local woman of the island. Tales from the past and the present. For the ones who want to discover deeply, for the real travellers a teaser of Halki island is written here below.