The Rhodes Project

My special relationship with Rhodes island started 8 years ago with an innocent holiday – of course. During those 8 years many things have changed in my life except one: the huge love, admiration and enthusiasm for this island which I always wanted to express in different ways.

Three years ago I decided to articulate all the beauty and love I experienced on Rhodes in a form of a book – which is now under process. For 3 years now I have been researching on the island: the locals, the customs, the food, the religion, the culture, making thousands of photos, notes, records. It was an unbeliveable journey that transformed me and my life in many ways.

This winter I came to the point to make the big decision: finally moving to Rhodes and start a completely new life on my beloved island! 

I am looking for job possibilities on Rhodes – and also people who I can cooperate with on my projects – to start and establish my new life. So below you can find more about my skills, experiences, visions.

Thank you for spreading the word and contacting me about any possibility:

Mariann Lipcsei

CONTACT  –  Curriculum Vitae


⇒  I speak and write good English, I speak a little Greek, but ready to learn as much as I can!

⇒  I love to communicate with people (being a Communication Specialist – College Degree) and in general I LOVE people!

⇒  I love to serve people in many ways

  • I worked in restaurant and bar as waitress
  • I am a certified yoga teacher
  • I participated DONA International Birth Doula Training
  • I was volunteering in a small hotel – helping with tourists on different levels, also cleaning rooms
  • I love to take care of people personally, I love children and old people too

⇒  I love to create and design creative concepts (making promotions, visual appearences)

  • I was working for a media agency creating creative concepts for different companies
  • I created my own brand – Ilios art

⇒ I love writing – articles, portraits, promotional materials, slogans, etc. HERE

⇒  I love to create ANYTHING with my hands

  • ceramic paintings
  • designing and painting furniture HERE
  • jewellery – my own handmade self designed jewelleries HERE
  • taking photos (I was working as a photographer at a water sport, and also I am an amateur photographer catching moments of different scenes of life) my flickr
  • helping with cooking as I adore gastronomy (from packing melekouni, making koliva, stepping on grapes, helping in the kitchen in many ways…)
  • helping with decorations at weddings
  • gardening

  Maybe the most important: I am very passionate about Rhodes and also I have made a deep dive around the island. I would love to help more and more people to discover the beauties and the values of the island, to show and represent the real beauty of the place behind the consumption-oriented mainstream tourist industry.


⇒  Photobook about Kalymnos island /contains my own photos and written content / HERE

⇒  Honorary award on the 6th Photography Competition of the Dodekanisos Seaways /The old man from Profitis Ilias with the grapes/ HERE

⇒  Creating a Guidebook for the Green Eco House in Salakos /own photos, creative concept and content/ HERE

⇒  My upcoming book about Rhodes island / HERE

  • 100% freelance project inspired by my travels and based on my experiences
  • collection of amazing personal stories and anthropological studies on the local culture through spiritual aspects
  • finding the universal values in the authentic life of some local people – capturing the spirit and the essence of the island

⇒   I started to create a huge database of interesting and beautiful, authentic places on Rhodes and on other islands of the Dodekanisos visited by me /under process!/ HERE

⇒   Sharing my video recordings from Rhodes and other islands of the Dodekanisos on my Youtube channel /mainly music/ HERE

⇒   I created a handmade jewelry collection of 350 pieces inspired by the Colors Of Rhodes island / HERE


⇒   to create values through work

⇒   to put myself passionately into something that can be a real value for somebody – because this creates the balance in every relationship

⇒   to work with people who are passionate about their life and their actions, and who are living according to universal values (like: being responsible for the natural environment)



⇒   to finish and publish my book about Rhodes island

⇒   creating a special database on my website of interesting and beautiful, authentic spots on Rhodes and around the Dodekanisos visited and explored by myself

⇒   organizing and hosting alternative travels on Rhodes that represent and highlight the local culture and customs to help people to find passion and spirit in their life and find the connection with their nature

⇒   helping women to stay healthy, to connect to their natural powers and cycles as a woman through the methods of yoga and other healing tools offered by Mother Nature. Because each and every life is born in a woman, we should rediscover and respect this gift!



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